Tuesday, June 30, 2009

John the Baptist

I just posted some new easy recipes on our farm recipe blog. To check them out, please click on this Veggie Cobb Salad.
Finito! Here's the final John the Baptist! Also, I have to share this painting with you by my friend Karen Wend (kwend@hotmail.com). It's called Lovebird. Aww!Did I say Break... for a week? Doh! What I actually meant was Break until I stop freaking out about the show. Which, hey, happened sooner than I expected! Here's the little hummingbird in John the Baptist:

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm taking a posting break for a week here on the blog. I'll be back after July 6th with pictures of the reception. Thanks for hanging out with me- have a great week! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


This flier is the genius work of Roger E. Ingraham

Please come play next Monday! The Stafford Arts Commission is hosting a party for my paintings. There'll be stories, gourmet vegan desserts, a harpist, and of course, totally amazing paintings. The TV station's going to come too!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mossy St John

I learned something yesterday about different states of being. I started out the day doing stuff like emailing, phone calls, making food to eat, washing dishes, going to the farm. Later in the day I sat down to paint, and I was so antsy that I could hardly be still. I kept getting up and moving around. Meanwhile I was telling myself, "Gotta get this painting done today. Time to get it done." But I can't get any painting done while thinking about getting some painting done. I realized later in the day that painting isn't a doing. In a fruitful painting state, nothing is happening and nothing is accomplished. If I do a painting with clarity, then there is no memory of having painted it- there's no moment to hold on to.

St John has a new outfit! Moss! Little flowers to come. Yesterday I looked at the camel fur and thought, "Eww. That will not do." Hence the change of plans. The under dress is now made of white feathers with lavender tucked in.

There was an amazing lavender development this week! I started lavender from seed this spring, and the little ones are doing well. But check this- I was just given two truckloads of lavender plants by a friend of a friend. Like- massive amounts of lavender! What?! Yes! Lavender all over! Katie helped me pick them up- here she is tickling Aly with a blossom. You can see the little lavender sprout pots behind her and one of the new big plants before her.And here's Aly Grace with some of the planted lavender...
I've been gone for awhile! Now I'm back. Just spent a wonderful summer visit with Katie, Chris, James, Michael, and Aly. We all went swimming in Bigelow Hollow this Sunday. Here we are starting our hike out:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


"There is no point in telling people about Jesus when they are starving."
Teach them to fish
how to fish for themselves.
The fishermen had been in the water all day
but they didn't catch any fish.
There's no fish in the water, man.
He said, "Cast your nets into the deep."
They pulled up so many fish it could sink the boat!
Later everyone was together and hungry.
There were only a few fish to eat- not enough.
But he multiplied the fish. And everyone was fed.
"I will make you a fisher, man!"

Sunday, June 14, 2009


In Virginia! Steve and I headed down here to celebrate Matthew's graduation. Matthew is my cousin and he has just finished high school. Today we went into Washington DC- and got to tool around The National Gallery! I love that place! I'd like to share some pieces I enjoyed today that I thought you might like too...

Here are my favorite paintings from the early Italian Renaissance. First, Portrait of a Youth by Botticelli. See how exquisite Botticelli is with color? He really packs a bright wallop! And yet with such class.
This is Madonna and Child by Domenico Ghirlandaio. Those Italians! I love how they painted so brightly up until Raphael. This painting is a great example of fresh color use: the sky blue and pink Mary wears, and Jesus in that periwinkle. All ensconced in goldleaf! Oo and what a rich trim she has on her cloak!
Welcome to Ginevra de'Benci by Leonardo Da Vinci! On the back of this painting Da Vinci painted a juniper plant that's swirled about with the logo, "VIRTUTEM FORMA DECORAT," or "Beauty adorns virtue."
Also hung out with the American Impressionists! Late 19th Century and early 20th Century. I didn't know I was going to get to see such precious pieces- my favorites again!

First, Repose by John Singer Sargent. This is actually a small painting, and close up it appears to be just a sketch. Yet, when stepping away from it, Sargent's mastery really comes out, because what originally appeared to be a sketch up close morphs into a complete and vibrant painting with distance. His brush strokes are so economical that the finished piece is miraculous in its simplicity! How could so few brush strokes accomplish so much? Here's a piece with phenomenal forms. It captivated me. It's The Mother of Pearl and Silver: The Andalusian by Whistler. So much finesse. In person, this piece is darker- the background looks black- making it appear as if she's emerging out of pure darkness. Whew! Well that does it for me! Do you know that some people returning from European travels post-1800 were diagnosed with a certain psychological disease? Yeah. Doctors said their disjointed state on return to America was due to "beauty overload." I hope we catch it too!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aphids and Roses

I was tending to the new yellow rose bush today, and found aphids all over the new buds. I killed them all by hand. This bush is a hybrid tea, a class of roses developed post-1700. Hybrid Tea Roses are known to be weak in immunity. They are bred for their long stems and attractive blooms, but through that process they've lost their strength. Some tea roses have even lost their scent to the breeding process, which adjusts the rose's appearance to society's fashion.

Ancient roses, on the other hand, are resilient, grow in the wild, have a lot of thorns, are prehistoric plants, can withstand difficult conditions, have no bug problems, don't require tending, and exude a scent that is its own luscious perfume.

And I wonder how that applies to humans.Today I see my sister! In honor of that, on the playlist I've lined up a portion of the James Laid album, one we used to listen to over and over again... on tape. Right after 32 Flavors!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Just got two hummingbird feeders- one for the backyard and one for the front yard right by my room. I took the screen out of my room window so that the hummingbirds can fly in to visit if they want. Made their syrup and am sitting here by the window waiting for them. The flies are coming into the room too. I was thinking I'd eat them, but apparently flies are not a good choice for insect eating- they're disease carriers. Termites would be a better option. I don't mind crispy things, but I don't know if I'll eat a worm- the way they wiggle and squirm. I like juicy peaches but juicy worms gross me out. Anyway! Here's our hummingbird video!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Story: Next Level of Completion

The Story really has come a good way in the last few weeks! Here are some new pictures taken graciously by Roger C. Ingraham.As I was painting Devya's hand (with the ring above) today I thought whimsically to myself, "Funny to be painting this hand again. I've painted this hand a hundred times at least." And then I heard myself. Come again? I wondered- have I? Was that all dreaming? Was it a whole bunch of dreams at night that I remember? Where was I when I painted it before? And that... that was weird. Awesome weird!!

Hurray!!! Now that this 6 x 12 foot honker is looking a bit snappier, it's going to go into The Her Good Heart DVD! Looks like that will be done within a few weeks. Oh! I also took the top off the painting. It will probably stay that way.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Finch! Little red headed finch on an antler:I have to share this video of Christine Page talking about the Galactic Center. So Beautiful!

Tomorrow's my deadline to have The Story done! It's not done. And how weird- I can't seem to stress myself out about it. Normally I work myself into a tizzy and say, "Come on, McCarthy! To the wire!" I'm laying on the floor staring at my new bird thinking to myself, That is one pretty bird. Fine work right there, yes it is. [yawn] mmm... Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams. I'm going to bed. Snooze-o-rama party in my room tonight.....zzzzzz.....

Oh one more thing! I was just remembering our basketball coach from early teens- her name was Coach Hinchee. And just about every day, or maybe every other day at practice, she'd yell, "McCARTHY! For God's sake- McCARTHY! Wouldya stop runnin' around like a chicken with yer head cut off?! Jesus, girl!" I'd freeze still and tremble, "Okay, Coach, yeah, okay." But you know the trouble with that? When I was 13, I WAS a chicken with my head cut off!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ave Maria

I put in a gold heart. See how the elk's antlers, lightening, and tree limbs look just like the blood lines in the heart? It's a little bit like the sun. Maybe the sun is liquid and the earth is all the veins that carry it. And maybe the sun is the earth's heart, and she carries that liquid heart all over her in trees and rivers and plants- in chlorophyll and water. In some places she crystallizes the sun deep inside and that's why there is gold and emeralds and sapphires. We are veins of the earth with our own heart too- what luck! Maybe when our own heart is like the sun, the light will crystallize like in the deep earth to make our eyes shine like jewels.