Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aphids and Roses

I was tending to the new yellow rose bush today, and found aphids all over the new buds. I killed them all by hand. This bush is a hybrid tea, a class of roses developed post-1700. Hybrid Tea Roses are known to be weak in immunity. They are bred for their long stems and attractive blooms, but through that process they've lost their strength. Some tea roses have even lost their scent to the breeding process, which adjusts the rose's appearance to society's fashion.

Ancient roses, on the other hand, are resilient, grow in the wild, have a lot of thorns, are prehistoric plants, can withstand difficult conditions, have no bug problems, don't require tending, and exude a scent that is its own luscious perfume.

And I wonder how that applies to humans.Today I see my sister! In honor of that, on the playlist I've lined up a portion of the James Laid album, one we used to listen to over and over again... on tape. Right after 32 Flavors!


dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

Anonymous said...

An Old Soul is Thorny and Fragrant?

Aphids Away! ;)

Marguaritte said...

I guess you need to get a bunch of ladybugs, they eat the aphids. But if you buy them, there is a trick to it, as they will all fly away if you put them straight out.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful how you grow Love, Shannon.
Answers can always be found if one cares to see them. I am adding a bit more Ancient to the oils.
It's a fine day!

Shannon said...

Dyanna, Thanks for being here!

Yes fragrant- I agree.

Ladybugs! Ah great- thank you, Margo :)

I'm curious about how you add ancient to the oils...