Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dolphin Heart

Hey! How we doing today? Groovy, I hope!

Here's what I'm working on this week- it's a human heart. And inside the Heart is a baby dolphin before birth! This situation kind of thrills me to no end.

When I was taking the picture of the canvas just now the goldfinches were zooming in for their daily thistle, so I snapped a photo. When this goldfinch was munching away he tweetled, "Listen, doodle, when you put up my pretty picture tell my friends they can have their seeds and eat them too."

Today's the last day of summer! Steve and Scott and Roger and I are going to go plunge ourselves into the ocean and daydream on the sand. Let's declare our visions- tomorrow is the Solstice and Full Moon! The Sun and the Moon are gonna be DANCING on the CEILING!

Monday, September 6, 2010


My friend Mike told me that we answer all requests in a predictable unconscious way until we consciously notice when we are being requested, and respond consciously.

Two months ago Farmer Bob said maybe maybe if he asked his wife Alla on my behalf I might receive a peacock feather from the peacock. I squirmed with excitement for the possibility. Time passed until it was this Saturday and Farmer Bob pulled me aside with Alla. They were talking to me and I felt important. Alla said O! The feathers! Come come I want to give these to you. She gathered a great bundle of peacock feathers and put them in my arms. She's protective of the feathers and loves their beauty. She said I am giving these to you! I thought to myself, this is a serious supernova of awesomeness.

All the feathers were really long. Before I went out the door she said, "O! I have this beautiful small one to give to you too." It was my favorite. It was dense and sparkly and I said to myself- I can decorate the house with all these flowers, but this small one is just for me.

I had taken friends visiting for the weekend to the farm with me. As we returned home with tomatoes and feathers in our arms, one friend asked, "O can I have the small feather?" I said, "Of course," with a knot in my throat and handed it to her. Alone tonight I thought of the beautiful little feather and felt sick to my stomach and cried.

The Happy Arrival of Goldfinch

The Grace Art show opening was GREAT! Here's a picture of Pam telling me she'd like to take home the Annunciation painting.All of the photos in this post and in the Peach Tree post below were generously taken by Roger C. Ingraham. Thank you, Roger!

Before Friday night I finished this painting and the one in the post below. Most of the Goldfinch painting was done in Cindy Shefield's garden here in Stafford that's full of roses and goldfinches. My friends Jo and Kirby Judd call goldfinches "flying daffodils". I put a thistle feeder up for them in front of my window and watch them land and eat through the day. They're so cute! Two birdie couples often come at dinnertime taking turns munching on seeds and singing about their meal- fluttering here and there. Sometimes they wake me up from sleep in the early morning with their soft little sunrise song and I feel I feel I feel so glad with them.

Peach Tree

This one is called Peach Tree...