Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mossy St John

I learned something yesterday about different states of being. I started out the day doing stuff like emailing, phone calls, making food to eat, washing dishes, going to the farm. Later in the day I sat down to paint, and I was so antsy that I could hardly be still. I kept getting up and moving around. Meanwhile I was telling myself, "Gotta get this painting done today. Time to get it done." But I can't get any painting done while thinking about getting some painting done. I realized later in the day that painting isn't a doing. In a fruitful painting state, nothing is happening and nothing is accomplished. If I do a painting with clarity, then there is no memory of having painted it- there's no moment to hold on to.

St John has a new outfit! Moss! Little flowers to come. Yesterday I looked at the camel fur and thought, "Eww. That will not do." Hence the change of plans. The under dress is now made of white feathers with lavender tucked in.

There was an amazing lavender development this week! I started lavender from seed this spring, and the little ones are doing well. But check this- I was just given two truckloads of lavender plants by a friend of a friend. Like- massive amounts of lavender! What?! Yes! Lavender all over! Katie helped me pick them up- here she is tickling Aly with a blossom. You can see the little lavender sprout pots behind her and one of the new big plants before her.And here's Aly Grace with some of the planted lavender...
I've been gone for awhile! Now I'm back. Just spent a wonderful summer visit with Katie, Chris, James, Michael, and Aly. We all went swimming in Bigelow Hollow this Sunday. Here we are starting our hike out:


Anonymous said...

Lovely! That moss shawl remembers me back to a day when I pulled some gorgeous velvet green moss from a tree and heard the highest pitched sound I ever heard (I know,my old friends still crack up at me.) Anyway, it's like heading back closer to the Garden, naked and eating fruit. Wow, the floodgates of Lavender Open! What beautiful babes. :)

Shannon said...