Monday, June 6, 2011

Windy June

Yesterday Steve said we were going for a bike ride up the road and we'd see what the tornado did. Wow. There was a lot of this: Scott said, "The forest got... a... buzzcut." It did. Before seeing the crushed houses and splintered trees, I saw a little someone sitting small and still in a bare tree. Mr. Ruby Throat. I think he may have been a bit dazed, because he let me walk up to him before flying off. Maybe he lost his home?
Now that the warm weather is here things are growing. Remember how last year bunny dug a hole beneath the rose bush? It was a new bush and didn't have enough time to flower last year- but it is now! Am so pleased to be seeing this Persian Yellow. And smelling it! Chrysanthie says it smells like sunshine, and Sarah says it smells like honey. Heather's been smelling it too, and I smell coriander!
Also, I worked some more on Gracias Madre in the kitchen...
I like to look at her today especially.
Original illustration by Jon Marro for Gracias Madre Restaurant in San Fransisco

She so nice.

Peace be with you.... :)