Friday, April 30, 2010

I hate it when...

... green vipers pop out of my neck!Not again!

Top o' the head

To be "but a shadow of divine perfection"
is not so small a thing, as you know.
Watch a little seed grow!

We asked the Bird,
How would we begin?

He said,
Higher than eyes is a friend
Clock with no buttons

The silent hand moves you,
& He will move you again.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello. Hello, she said.
She a large soft grizzly bear with a bowl of strawberries to offer, her paws with sparkling strings wafting in the wind. "Would you like to sit?"
I was hypnotized, I had to sit.
She said I am Beauty. Would you like some berry?
I was there, I had to have some berry.
And she looked at me, turning herself into a gazelle that drank in clear water, now a heron from a floating pond of lotuses, whom she knew I suppose as she was a golden slippery fish leaping into the heavens' starry sky, shining as the flower lady with bright cheeks, splashing into the water again, asking, would you like to come back tomorrow?
It was the best I'd ever seen. I had to come back.
And in silence she comes.
She comes in silence as I sit awake.
And her armies are just on the other side of the hill.
As if she were a friend, as if there is death in the air
as if the white flag was a little joke meant to amuse her.
Beauty, she said. Beauty is my name. Last night she thrust a spear through my ribs and asked, "Did you feel that?" patting me on the head.
I stare at this red puddle in the ringing silence, cold.
"Oh! I almost forgot, darling. I baked you a cake!"

And in silence He smiles at the door, even more silent than before.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And then out of nowhere...

...springtime babies blink their eyes...

...and a little birdie lands on the painting!

Little Birdie,
you can't just build a nest in the middle of my canvas!Oh.
Well... I guess you can!

Coventry Carol

I was staring at her up on my wall. For a long time.I said, "Sister, why the long face?"
I can't really help it, I've just been sad for a long time.
Well babe you cry whenever you want. But you don't have to.
These are the Days of Miracle and Wonder.
This is my long distance call.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Being in Tune is Our Job

I don't know if anyone gets as stupid as I do.
But you know, for... umm.... years.... Years! I have been trying to feel that connection with God. You know, that feeling. Trying to feel that feeling. I get desperate.

This morning I realized-
If you want to get in tune, you have to tune your instrument.
Keep the strings tight so the bow can stroke the rosin.

And play it for that matter!


Picture update! I've been sitting in the land of nowhere and it's become clear to me that my process of posting paintings as I work on them is not so smart. Sharing in-process pictures is like going downhill in a red wagon and unscrewing one of the wheels on my way down. As it rolls away and my axle scrapes on the pavement I think I could have... probably.. used that wheel.

So! There's going to be less art up here.
For a few months at least.
I don't know what's going on, but I feel happy for us all.
Nobody can stop us from rejoicing!
Not a thing or a glance or anything!
It's a funny thing that the more I be in me,
the more I feel we.
And when I am in we,
I am in awe.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I saw our lives in the dried leaves tossing all over the yard, cleared out in the sunshine and wind. I saw our lives- the daffodils rising to the sun, how do they grow so quickly?

Our friendship like the young oak alone, and in her experience learns to stretch wide, wide. So that her branches touch another oak, and her roots wrap around the others' roots, so that they become the forest of oak trees, anchored together.

There but before the Gods of Sun, Sky, and Earth.

And I saw a lonely duck, hurrying alone to fly with his flock.

A little bird with a broken leg. And for the first time in a long time the song sang, "Thank goodness for weakness. Thank heavens for hopeless. Thank all the earth for Low. Lakes collecting the glories of God. The precious treasured aquifers, purifying in darkness." The lowest pond is brilliant- reflecting the King of the Sky. Which is great? Broken bird, You are a house of windows where the stars live.

I saw the Hunter, Cat of the Sky, great White Owl. And in his beak he held a little ribbon gift, which twirled in the breeze. And finch leaned into his soft belly feathers to say thank you. A ribbon for my nest.

And all the mountains were majestic, yes, and I never knew they liked to be loved. We like stars, we like bird flowers of the sky, the elephant says, "Will you land on my shoulder?" Everything asking, won't you sing your song? Said the tallest Evergreen low and slow,

"I am
big big
I love
(they are
my dear

And when the songs were sung.
we had to see - we could see.
Where you been all this time?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

"He didn't come to be unique."


"You're going to have trouble in this world.
But take heart. I've already nailed it."

-The Man

May all we are come alive!

by Evelyn de Morgan.