Thursday, April 30, 2009

Calendar Illustration

For the 2010 weekly calendar, I'm including some color plates- here's one of Lady Hyacinth I did today (thanks be to Mucha)...I'm meandering through four different projects. In the last three days I have had three spiders walk up to me. Spiders showing up say, "Get to spinning, lady!" They make such pretty things so quickly. Today I was bit by two gnats that drew blood- I did not even see them! You know what they said? Even the tiniest distractions can drain life force when gone unnoticed.

Last year there was an enormous spider in my bedroom curtains. I said, "Spidey, thanks for coming. But you really freak me out. Please don't come onto my side of the room. Don't come near my bed, okay?" She didn't. She stayed there in the curtains for more than a week. I kept checking to see if she'd left after I had certain thoughts or did something on my current painting. Also at the time I was contemplating creating a really big painting, albeit nervously. And I thought, "Maybe she's saying go ahead and spin that out." The day I started it, she disappeared, never to be seen again. The painting is The Story, here.

The night before last I woke up with a start. I was dreaming that Steve and I were walking along rocks by a creek. I peered down to see a snake in the shallow creek. As I looked along I felt more and more nervous. I could not see the end of this snake. Where is its tail?! I turned around to see its head a distance behind me. Its eyes were closed. Was it dead? I turned further around to see another snake beside it- just as large! Well, a little bit smaller, but still huge. That snake had its head chewed off! I stood there, looking at decapitated snake, looking at first snake. Freaky. Danger. What is going on here? As I stared, first snake, who had killed second snake, opened his eyes. AAaaaa!!!!! We bolted. And I woke up.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today Steve and I went for a walk in the warm air. We stopped at the Millpond and sat under the blooming trees. The birds were chatting up a storm. Steve said, "They sure like to talk, huh?" Two geese came out of the water and walked our way. Did you want to know about them? Yes? About Myrtle and Harold? Myrtle and Harold, both from the same distinctive family of waddlers. Harold came to us as Myrtle sang in goose to him, following behind. They lingered before us wanting to know if perhaps there were some pita in our pockets? No? That's okay, we'll just stand here a bit longer in case you remember it. No? Ah well. To the blossomy tree then. Myrtle found her favorite weed and honked some more goose song to Harold, who replied in gentle goose, "Thank you, Myrtle." A generous breeze came through and all over the blossom tree fell its little flowers, showering Harold in a snow of white petals. Harold lifted his head to the sky. Myrtle smiled at him and ate her favorite weed. Here's their picture I painted tonight...We had a really lovely weekend at the wedding and with family. Here's one of Dad with his granddaughter Aly Grace...
Last week, trimmed back the hydrangea bush before the sparrows come back for the year. It's where they live. Do you know they left a present from last season? A little nest! I just found it and was so tickled. They even wove some of my hair into it! Steve took this picture...Did some sorting today, including some of the painting reference photos. Here's a little visual collage for your pleasure...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sounds Concert

The Crystal Journey concert tonight was amazing! Here are David and Eden with Steve and I afterward. I wished some good dreams for you- hope you had 'em!
There's more good news! Guess who decided to make a grand entrance today? Lavender! Looking good! Looking good!

Steve and I are headed to St Augustine, FL in the morning- we're celebrating a friend's marriage- and enjoying our family! See you next week. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Do Re Mi

Two hundred dancers staged this performance in Antwerp's Central Station. Enjoy!

Lovey Kiss

A remix of a Mucha classic! This beautiful image reminds me of a poem by St John of the Cross where he's talking about being totally loved through and through by God. Yummy! A kiss from god reopens the god inside. The song playing now is Loreena McKennitt singing that poem.

I started reading St John of the Cross right before I graduated from high school, and when I did, I was like: Holy Moly Shenanigans! This is where it's AT! You say so many rosaries- and things can get a little repetitive and honky. So when I read John's poetic collected works about how he met Jesus and the Holy Spirit as love in all ways... and how it was just so beautiful even through translation and centuries, I was totally done with St Thomas Aquinas/ Mr. Snooze-a-Lot.

After staying up late for nights reading John of the Cross, I was so excited I just had to talk to someone. So I went to confession. I said my not exciting confession, and then I was like, "Father! St John of the Cross! Holy Cow!" And then I went on and on "bla bla bla and then John says this and isn't that amazing bla bla bla... oh! AND bla bla bla... isn't he really something, Father?! What's he like to you?" And let me tell you what. Father dropped so much bullshit that even I could smell it. I sat there smiling at him thinking to myself, "This guy is clueless." And that was the last time I went to confession. Regularly. I had an inkling at that point that I had something really good in my very own pocket. Sometimes I feel bad that I've disappointed my family by not staying with the Church, but it makes me twinkle that it was sweet St John who started it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

School of TuPac

Here's a few tunes from the man. I cherish his music. He had a tattoo of Nefertiti (The Beautiful One is Among Us) on the right side of his heart, and under it is written to die for.

This is a poem he wrote as a teenager:

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature's law is wrong it learned to walk without having feet. Funny it seems, but by keeping its dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else ever cared.

Over his belly is a giant tattoo, THUG LIFE. The word thug comes from the Thuggees of India, an ancient fanatical sect devoted to Shiva, who believed that the God of Destruction (and Transformation) required daily human sacrifice. The Thugs attacked foreigners or travelers, then drugged them with Datura before killing them. Datura is also called Tuft of Shiva in India.

Biggee Smalls is sometimes blamed for TuPac's murder, and in one of his songs he sings, "Not be fucked with." I would agree. But then, Biggee Smalls was also shot down by thugs.

Those who wish to follow me- I welcome with my hands.

Invitation to a ClearPoint Concert!

Steve and I made a video invitation for the Sonic Meditation/ Sounds Concert we're hosting on Friday! Come on out and party like 2099...

Awesome Video!

New Flowers

Doh! I posted a new video last night but I just took it down because I had incorrect information in there. The whistle I showed wasn't a Peruvian Whistling vessel. I'll get myself all straightened out here and perhaps do another one later. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009


Oh all right! We're in
Angel adventurin'
We’re gonna roll this out.
Beat drops 8,000
Heart-wise (O! To-mi)
We swallow
with the trumpet melody.
Flow with us.
Go fishin’

Talk about Joshua.
Yeshua. Hey!
Jesus all kinda styles.
Jericho! Yo!
Seven times around that trumpet sound.
Fall! Yup walls all down.
In Jericho is a spring,
Spring feeds Jordan- isn’t that where he went swimmin?
Got a blind man in Jericho two times over.
Octavian to Herod, build the amphitheater
Hear it.
He’ll stroll through
Tax man see it.

Angel trumpets
Datura smells
Scenting wide
What’s Jericho?
In Canaanite? Fragrant.
Arabic sound word,
yeah we heard it.

Down come the walls.
Hey! Low they go now.
He met Zechariah,
Went down for Elizabeth
Together made the Baptist
Take your shoes off
Off they go now
Loose the strap
Wash the feet
Off they go now
Burn the bush
Dunk- what a rush

Mother Teresa says
Watch out, Out West
They’re physical best, but soul-less
Can’t feed bread when the spirits dead
Keep it tight
Can’t eat it if you don’t feel it. Right?

Lady say to The Man
How about a favor
No sister- not come for you
Oh hold up Master
I’ve got to know
Even dogs get scraps below
True daughter true
Your faith just saved you

Said in the sun temple, Ra hey ho
Jackal head
food made of dead?
Uh huh
Darkness ride, Darkness eat
Corpses all at your feet
Smell angel trumpet
Datura roll out sweet

Judges go
4 and 5
Barak’s in the Valley
Oh hell no
Yup! We all back
like last time- you know!
Hear that Sound
Oil's been found
when trumpets get down
Heaven with a shout
They strollin’ about.

Here we go, Break the flow.
Today’s the day, OH!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Flowers

Here's a little 12" x 12" canvas I painted today for our friend MaryAnn to celebrate her birthday..Hope it gives you a little sunny feeling too.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Coming Sun

This is a cacao flower, sacred to many tribes in the Mesoamericas, and was originally (as far back as we know) cultivated by the Mayans. It is the flower before the cacao bean- Theobroma cacao: Theobroma meaning "Food of the Gods", cacao being an Anglicized version of cacahuatl, the Aztec name of the bean. Cacao pulverized and served as a drink is a traditional staple- you've probably heard the stories about Montezuma drinking it. It's also used as a delivery for hallucinogenic plants like datura. Once when I was traveling alone in Paris I went to the finest chocolate store. I bought a small expensive bag of almonds thickly covered and dusted in chocolate. As I ate them my head began to get higher, and by the time I arrived at where I was staying, I could literally feel the vibrations in my head buzzing about me, and I was holding onto the walls to get to my room because my vision was bright and confusing. I sat on my bed for about two hours enjoying the little stars around me and the lit sensation I felt all over. I suspect there's more to chocolate than Hershey's.

The flower itself is a heavenly delicate beauty and I could not do it justice with the stained glass painting style I'm using. It's less than an inch tall and grows directly out of the trunk of the tree. Seriously, take a look at this flower- it is amazing:and it has no scent. The shape reminds me of the fleurs-de-lis. It's worthwhile to quote Michel Pastoureau via Wikipedia, "The use for ornamental or symbolic purposes of the stylised flower usually called fleur de lis is common to all eras and all civilizations. It is an essentially graphic theme found on Mesopotamian cylinders, Egyptian bas-reliefs, Mycenean pottery, Sassanid textiles, Gaulish and Mameluk coins, Indonesian clothes, Japanese emblems, and Dogon totems. The many writers who have discussed the topic agree that it has little resemblance to the lily, but they disagree as to whether it derives from the iris, the broom, the lotus... the essential point is that it is a very stylised figure, probably a flower, that has been used as an ornament or an emblem by almost all civilizations of the old and new worlds."
This is the flower of the Cannonball Tree, actually related to the Brazil Nut tree. As an aside, we humans have not yet learned to cultivate Brazil nut trees, so if you want to eat a wild nut, Brazil nuts are the ones. Apparently they don't do well in captivity. So the Cannonball Tree- these are tropical trees and are frequently grown around Hindu temples dedicated to Shiva. Once again, I'd rather you see the real deal- check out this flower!:The first time I saw it I yelled, "Woah! Sexy!" And apparently that's why it's also dedicated to Shiva and used in Shiva Pooja, which is, a, um... let me tell you a story! There's an old story that once Brahma and Vishnu were having a fight over who was more powerful. The immortals asked Shiva to intervene. So he does. Before Brahma and Vishnu appears this massive column of light. Shiva says, "Find the end of this one, guys." And they go on wandering about trying to find the end, which was impossible, because his column in infinite. Eventually Shiva bursts out of the column like, "What's up, fellas?! Who's the man?! By the way we're all from the same light, you're awesome, just be more respectful of each other." Within this same tradition it's believed that the earth is penetrated by 12 infinite columns of light that remain until the last day.
Here is a Mexican sunflower. Pretty lovely bright things! The Mayans domesticated them around 3000 BC. The Otomi People are Mayan descendants whose word for sunflower, “dä nukhä,” means “big flower that looks at the sun god." To this day in their churches, the Otomi fill Christian crosses with sunflowers. For the living Sun God. The Son God. Son of God. Sun of God.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking a Ride...

A starry night between granite walls open to the dry sky. What is the quiet tonight? Who have you brought in? No time for questions, it is the last time. And I have to speak so that I can go. Will I tell you? Yes. I will tell you, she said. But you will tell no one for some time. For how long? Five thousand years. Yes, all right. She spoke in the sapphire night. Nubian black and blue. Skin glows thick waves of myrrh and jasmine. Her lips glimmer. Speaking in tongues you never knew you knew. You never knew you knew. Come closer to the fire. *click*

We've got to move. Move now! Bury it quickly. Bricks! Mud! Hurry. Hole it up. The march is pulsing towards us. Flamed oil in the marketplace no place for a person. You'll make the split. Break no twig. Cover your eyes, the whites will flash to the flames they carry. Move. Move now. Did you remember the pearls? Yes. Did you remember the writing? No. It doesn't matter, just go. Remember any ill intent will bind you. Remove them all now. If you wind for three days into the fifth road on the half moon you'll see the one carrying the white rose. The artery must be split to get the red. It's imperative- can you remember that? The music will play but the most important is the bells. You have to wait for the bells. When they ring you know it's time to launch the last child. Is he in the parade. No he's in the feast. And he is with the royals? Yes, but he is not. All the royals are in the wrong suits making bad water with their tongues. There is a black horse there with rosemary in his mane. Return him to me, he is mine. Go to the thick forest that glows emerald. You'll find the winged animal that glides. You follow her there and through, she glides above you. When you glimmer into the silver web, turn into the next dime. Right side. If there are hooves at the feet do not proceed. After the sparkle rides open the flower. It is the only flower. You will see the sapphire. Open it until you see it ring gold. That is the next door to the next ticket but you must be wise don't remember back, you must remember ahead so as to go inside. Remember forward. She smelled of jasmine and myrrh. Yes. She is remembering you back. Look for the fire. Blood spilled rose, you leave behind, but first you must tuck into your hair.

The black cloaks will circle you before white dove, but if you spin they will not latch. Is the white dove him? Yes and no, part yes part not yet. First you find her, then you see him. But when you see him you will only vaguely see that she is watching. Is she always watching? She is the watcher. If the doors are closed you must call her. Speak well of her before you go so that she will know your voice when you call her. There is a moment when the chase is over. Yes. And that is also now. Recollect yourself. We unloosed all our wheatgold robes and danced in slow rhythms through the blooming forest. Ducking and running, only to play. Slow rhythms. Easy dance. Light tiny birds. Tiny little birds. She will let them out of her petticoat. Watch for it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flowers Around the Sun

Flowers Around the Sun! They each fill a hue of the color wheel.
~The first completed on the left there is a cyan blue poppy, Meconopsis.
~Next a cobalt blue poppy, also Meconopsis.
~Next an Ultramarine Pansy, symbol of the Trinity, sometimes the crucifixion.
~Purple Iris, sacred to Iris, Lady of the Rainbow to the Greeks. She sends messages. She's the rainbow. The Rainbow sends messages from heaven? Hey what else does Iris mean in Greek? What? Eye of Heaven?! And it's also the name of the center of our eyes?!

~Next the Magenta Lotus. Lotus's are the grace on the water, floating above and yet with it all. They're chiseled into temples in Egypt and sometimes Horus is popping out of one. If you want to get fired up about Magenta, check out this link.

I want to talk about blue poppies. HOLY COW I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY EXIST!!! This is such a rare flower color. They've been growing in the Himalayas for who knows how long, living with amazing creatures up there in the alpine lands of the Kashmir. Just in the last five decades have they spread around to the rest of the world and come down off the mountain. I think these flowers know exactly where they want to be! And I think they're up to something! And I like it!

This Sunday Exquisite Sarah and I had a tea party! What a treat. We talked and talked and talked about her upcoming wedding. Here she is deep in wedding study. Can one do a receiving line right after the ceremony? Should it be at the reception? Umm... let's call my sister Kate.
Before Sarah arrived, Steve played tea party too!


Our friend did not understand. He said over and over again, “But we were going to go to Jacksonville on Friday. But we were going to go to Jacksonville together on Friday. I don’t understand… we were going to go together to Jacksonville on Friday.”

He called and asked me if I was sitting down. “What is it?” I demanded. He said murdered. My roommate was shaking me on the ground, “What’s happening?! Who’s on the phone?!” Our friend is hiccupping weeping saying my name somewhere through plastic. You were like purple inside a silver wrapping. Good chocolate, not finery- one you’d want to have around after dinner. Like a soft sweatshirt you keep. The way the pelicans always drift over the beach.

In quiet tones with your good posture. Four minutes, they said. Drew grabbed a dishtowel and you said, “I’m a be all right.” As you stumbled to your knees. Then your back. The front door wide open. It was swimming pool blue when our friend took me home to your home and I sat next to your brother. And Drew looked up at me like I could fix it. Your mother was invisible, being handled by other mothers. And I was wandering why I was in your living room. I hate these wallpaper flowers. It was bronze foil folded into paper planes that pressed down and there was no escaping their heaviness. We all sat around. Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could.

Our friend was thinking of going to Jacksonville with you as he vomited outside the church with you inside it. I vaguely comprehended shaking and the way mother moved my walking… that the spastic cries resounding off the vaulted ceilings were in my voice. You must have been cold. Your sister ran her fingers through your hair and kissed and kissed you. You must have been cold.

Shame something like this would bring us all back together again, huh? Yeah. Shame. Years later I am on your plot, my hand on your carved stone hands. I drew them that one springtime we were closer. I said, “You have beautiful hands.” Fuck.
“Please go,” you said. It’s such a mess. “Don’t come back here, Shan. Live, okay?” Okay. "Come on McCarthy." Like you helping me put on my coat.

When the breezes come on certain nights I remember your sunset smile with the sea spray. Surfing like little birds into a cotton pillow of oblivion. Whispering little radio songs I never want to hear again. Dancing tiny steps that echo once and trail off into green grass. Cold stone. The vinyl smell of the bus. Little crumpled red maroon velvet and things we lost. Grade school kisses. Surf boards glide with the sharp fin underneath. Things gone by. Every wave breaks. All gone by.

Monday, April 13, 2009

On the Radio

MILKY WAY: The recent Intergalactic Congress hosted a rare visitor from earth. We were able to obtain the transcript:

Earth person: [very solemnly] Please speak plainly with me. What’s our future on Earth?
Intergalactic Delegate: We’ve been playing it on the radio for years.
Playing? I don’t understand.

ID: [laughing] It is simple. The Rhythm is Gonna Get You!
EP: What?! The Rhythm is gonna get us?! You mean- Gloria's been right all these years?!
ID: Yes. Can't you feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger?

[Intergalactic Congress breaks into Conga]

By the Road

There is a gypsy that roams in between the worlds, and if one waits along the road with a blanket to warm and some water to drink... if one waits for the gypsy, she is a very fine lady, and she wears a long veil to cover her jewels. If one waits, she will pass by. Don't worry. In waiting, she will pass by. And if the time is right she may wink. And if the time is right she may throw a punch. And if the time is right she may bring smoking frankincense to delight. But it doesn't matter. Just sit along the road and wait. She will pass by.

The poet said to the prophet, "Your dragons, sir, where are they?"
The prophet whispered, "They sleep in the day and we ride in the dark. Every fire they breathe is one more spark."

Sunday, April 12, 2009

John Lennon Speaking

"In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan, armed with a reel-to-reel tape deck, snuck into John Lennon's hotel room in Toronto and convinced John to do an interview about peace. 38 years later, Jerry has produced a film about it..."

(I closed my eyes to hear what he says.)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Center of the Painting Video Explanations

Here's me explaining what the center of this painting means to me! It's in two parts:

Holy Thursday Song

Please click here to watch me sing it via youtube. It's a song I sing once a year on this night.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Run Home Little Bunny

I drove home from a party tonight on this full moon and saw a little puff ball running back and forth on the road. I drove up slowly a little further. Oh... cottontail! What are you doing here tonight? I stopped so that my lights shown on her. I didn't want to go too close, because she seemed nervous in a confused sort of way. I had a sad feeling for her.

A truck behind me revved its engine. In a big red pick-up he sped past and then Rrrrrrrrk. He put on his breaks. Cause bunny was still hopping in the road. Zig zag here and there she goes. Is it the full moon? Is there too much light? Are you all right? Should I turn off my light? Would that help? She kept hopping the road we were on so that she was about to come to the state road. Oh bunny please don't do that. Please go back into the woods- you can't cross that road, its too windy and the cars are too fast. But she did with nary a car to impede her. And then she snuggled hoppily along into the blooming bushes in a yard. Rest well, little friend, and have a good night.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This Is My Beloved Sun...


Roger filmed and edited a short video of me talking about how I got into painting. Here it is below!

If it please you, please subscribe to you my new youtube channel where I'll be posting new videos as they are made. The Subscribe button is right next to the fresh Welcome Video here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lunch from Saturday

This Saturday Steve taught EFT and I made lunch. This is where I'm explaining the meal...
And here's a picture of what we ate! I made two easy sauces that were eaten right up. Here are the recipes if you'd like to give a try:
Fragrant Tomato Sauce
2 tsp caraway seeds
1 tsp fresh cardamom pods, split, peeled and ground
Large can of tomato sauce
Roast the caraway in a dry hot pan until it starts to pop and you can smell it. Then add tomato sauce to the pan. It'll sizzle, so watch out. Then add cardamom. Let simmer on low for an hour.

Sweet Onion Coconut Sauce
Olive oil or coconut oil to saute
1 large onion
1 can coconut milk
1 potato, cut into cubes, and steamed for about 15 minutes till soft
1 cup frozen peas
salt and pepper to taste
In a big saucepan, using oil, saute onion until it is caramelized. Add in can of coconut milk. Let simmer for about 10 minutes. Then add in potato. Season with salt and pepper. Just before serving, add in frozen peas.

Tastes great served over fragrant jasmin rice to which is added turmeric, dried basil, and dried cranberries. Spoon a bit of the tomato sauce alongside it and serve with a big salad and lots of cilantro. Voila! May your eatings today be happy and bright. :)

Here's one more pic! Lavender gettin' cozy in the egg carton, ready to have a sprouting bonanza this spring in the kitchen window!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mary Magdalene and Jesus: Version Deux Version Trois

Saddle up, Cowgirls and Cowboys! It's time to ride with Cosmic Mary and Jesus! If you on the horse, best as well stay on...

It starts with a whinny and map for the pass!:

Compliments and thanks to Andy Schrader for taking this picture, Matt Schrader for gifting it.

Bold as Love by Jimi

Anger he smiles, towering in shiny metallic purple armor. Queen Jealousy, Envy, waits behind him. Her fiery green gown sneers at the grassy ground. Blue are the life-giving waters taken for granted, they quietly understand. Once happy Turquoise armies lay opposite ready, but wonder why the fight is on.

But they're all bold as love, yes, they're all bold as love. Yeah, they're all bold as love. Just ask the axis. My red is so confident that he flashes trophies of war and Ribbons of euphoria. Orange is young, full of daring, but very unsteady for the first go round. My yellow in this case is not so mellow. In fact, I'm trying to say its frightened like me. And all these emotions of mine keep holding me from giving my life to a rainbow like you. But, I'm, yeah, I'm bold as love. Well I'm bold, bold as love (hear me talking, girl). I'm bold as love. Just ask the axis (he knows everything).

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meeting Big Teeth

I said, "Let there be more love. I'll go look around." so I went about within myself to see what could be seen and soon there was a little worm crying out about how everything ought to stay the same inside. "Hmm..." said I. "What's all this?" And the worm writhed and gnashed about with high voice low voice. "Mmm hmm...." And up comes a very big face. She's wearing a Nepalese hat. With her big smiling mouth perhaps a truck wide she gulps the little worm and little worm seems calm and happy to be eaten (that's odd, he fell asleep). "Thank you," I said. "Is there more to do now?" "No, just stay there," she smiled.

O. She smiled. How horrifying. In an instant the feeling of being on a precipice in the sky and beneath a cracking glacier on the sea were all it was to see... the teeth that were happy to chomp. Big diamonds of stars shining on them. Razors of magnificence. "Hello Madam," but I didn't speak because I was in a cold sweat and nervous for my life. Then I said (was this stupid?)"Where are you in Africa?" "Ask me again about my Africa and I will slit your throat." She lifted a massive dagger. "Yes Madam." And then I was on a floor she made, large tiles like the mall in Washington, and it was almost like we were in a group of bells and shining confetti rainbow tassels with colored bunches shaking here and there as everything echoed in the bells. She leaned in and again I saw the face. I could dance here."This is pretty." A closed smile. Then she gathered it all back into herself, so that there was only the dark. She turned into a bluish white dove, and flew away with everything. Back in my bed again, "Oh precious dense predictable bed" and I kissed it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Time Out!

Lassie: RrrrRORF!
Timmy: What's that, Lassie? Shannon is stopping?!
Lassie: ROOF! ROOF!
Timmy: Oh! She's starting a new painting? WHAT?! (run run to Connecticut...huff... puff....) Shannon, is it true?
Me (that's me): It's true, Timmy! It's like I already told Lassie. But don't worry, it's just a time out, see? See how I'm sitting down and telling you that I'm taking a time out from this painting?
Timmy: But you're supposed to have this done by Easter!
Me: No doubt, Timmy! But the winds have changed!
Lassie: RRrooof! Rawf! ROOF! ROOF!
Me: That's right, Lassie! This is a commissioned piece, and it's a little too earthy per my assignment. And so we're gonna do a TOTALLY new painting! On a new canvas! And I finally saw it yesterday when i woke up and realized: Hey! Hop to! The new ones on the way- gotta roll!
Lassie: RrrrROOF!
Me: Yeah! It's in the heavens!
Lassie: ARF?
Me: Yes, Lassie, still Jesus and Mary Magdalene! Yeah, I'm happy about that too.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bible Bits

I've been getting back into the Bible. Doing some reading. Here's some...

How beautiful are all his works! Even to the spark and fleeting vision! The universe lives and abides forever; to meet each need, every creature is preserved. All of them differ, from one another, yet none of them has he made in vain, For each in turn, as it comes, is good; can one ever see enough of their splendor? SIRACH 42:23-25

I am with you always, until the end of the age. MATTHEW 28:20

My time is not yet here, but the time is always right for you. JOHN 7:6

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rose Nebula

What is it, Robin?
A rose?
What is it, Robin?
Just below, Batman!
What is it, Robin?
What's it say, Robin?
"When the sky is torn apart, so it was a red rose, like ointment."[Quran (55): Surat ar-Rahman]
What is it, Batman?
TO THE BATMOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh Man. The frogs are dying. En mass in our Americas.This is one of the saddest things I have ever heard.

Frogs are the joy choir. They sing. There's a pond in the woods out back and whenever we go out there they are all ya ya ya croak bla! *bloo bloop* CROAK weebit weebit. Frogs leaving the planet in big numbers makes my stomach turn. Some animals I know because they mean business and others are just pals. For instance, when I see a hawk it's matter-of-fact. "I'm not screwin' around, McCarthy." And frogs are like, "Hey! We love screwin' around! Spring time! Hurray! Rain! Hurray!" And with their wide set googly eyes and big smiles... they're like bright flowers or leaves that can fly and swim and go around on land... and they eat insects! Which reminds me, Angelina was telling me that the bats have been hit by a very bad fungus as well, and they are also dying in large numbers. Shit. That's a lot of bugs not being eaten.