Monday, March 30, 2009


Jesus: Mary... do you think...?
Mary: Your mother is never going to go for these walls.
J: Yeah the dried blood color shows amazing foreshadowing.
M: Oh for Christ's sake, Jesus! I have to be there too.
J: I know, I know.
M: Or do you think it's the curtains?
J: Your hair looks beautiful against the green.
M: Thank you!
J: Maybe if there were more neutrals...
M: ...and maybe a little sparrow!
J: Aww... I love sparrows.
M: Mmm... I know.
J: Let me just talk to my Dad for a sec....
J: How's that?
M: Oh I love it. Thank you. Do you like it too?
J: Of course! I love anywhere with you.

I once was a'travel in County Kildare

and spoke with a tiny sparrow flying there.
"Hello, feathered Miss! How do you worry? How do you do?"
She sang, "Nay, love, i don't! And naither shall you!"
We spoke of her wedding which was forth to come.
Will there be candles?
Will there be light?
Aye there will be, but only a trite.
But what about a blaze?! Really bright!
No I live to be gentle. Too much fire could harm.
Then we'll bring lamps! No risk to the barn!
We'll have enough. Enough is all that's meant.
And your flowers?
You'll gather flowers for the site?
We've sewn our seeds moist in the night.
And how about roses and lotuses to bloom?
Nay they take too long.
We need daisies and buttercups soon.
But the roses are finest!
And heather's blithest.
So you will take half weeds?
What does it matter, if they do the deed?

Who's the betrothed? Your biggest fan?
Everyone knows him! You can guess- you can!

Umm... I'm thinking- I am...
Isaiah whispered it. The Sun known as man...
What did he say?
Two times over he does his work.
And what was the first time?

And what before the third?

If first was the word
, remember to hear.
If first was the word
, what comes next, dear?
It has something to do...
with making the field... clear?
Aye. The candle burns with short for the wick.
Apologies sparrow... nothing you say clicks.
Then watch me and the others with wings.
What? How am I supposed to understand these things?
You ask me of my wedding?
You ask me for plans.
So I tell you of my man.
There's a place he resides at the finish and start
Where might that be?
'Tis as easy as your hand to your heart.
Simple! We do it all the time!
Ah good. One saves nine.
Little sparrow, sometimes I don't understand.
You speak around in funny verse.
That's all right, love, it's meant to confound.
Just lean in, get dressed, and stay close to the ground.

But why do you say it in sorrow?
Because the wedding
Is now!
And my guests be thinkin' the sun rise tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009


Last night I fell asleep on the big room floor. Then Steve had his arm around me, "Come on Shan, I'll help you..." He kissed me and I was in my room standing, somewhat asleep. "I am going to lay in my bed with my day clothes on. No I'm going to brush my teeth. I like brushed teeth." So I left for the bathroom and washing my face I said

My yoke is easy and my burden light
My yoke is easy and my burden light
Next time i make Jesus eggs I'll make sure they're sunny side up
Or they could be poached, the yolk soft, soft yolk yes that's it.
My burden is light My burden is light
Is a light. Is a light. Is a light...

And as went back to my room, passing the gold shine in the night of the big Story painting, opening the door I caught a scent
that spoke, "It doesn't matter what it looks like."
She whispered in like jasmine on a dew morning,
"It doesn't matter what it looks like..."
And the smell swirled around my head, remembering me to the roses I heard laughing this summer. Not in a dream sense or a figurative sense. Had walked over the bridge amusing the rushing creek underfoot and then heard waves of giggles upon giggles making me giggle too! Turning left to see the bunches of wild white roses sprinkled with shine- laughing and trembling in hilarity. Like a spring that bubbles out of the earth! So many of them on the vine! Each with a heart-shaped petal, five around, circling a gold crown.

To remember them I cried. Effervescent, irreplaceable, forever, ephemeral, never again, beauty.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back to Blank

Had a talk tonight with my painting! Care to eavesdrop?
Me: Anubis! Hey! Hey did you see your picture I painted?! And you're doin' your scale measuring heart thing? Heart as light as a feather, right?! Pretty cool, huh? Huh?
Anubis: It totally is. Thanks, Shannon. But listen, we've got to talk.
Me: This is so cool! You are the best! It's a little weird that your head is a jackal, but it's all good!
Anubis: Yes. It is. Listen....
Me: And you were one of the mummy guys! I totally used to study mummies! GOoooo UNDERWORLD! Brain out through the nose, that's how they did it, yup!
Anubis: Yes, my dear, I know. Speaking of brains... I came to talk to you, not about the painting.
Me: I'm painting a painting about Jesus and Mary Magdalene!
Anubis: Precisely. So what am I doing there?
Me: Because you showed up! Yeah!
Anubis: I showed up to tell you to keep your own heart as light as a feather. That is all.
Me: Oooooh.
Anubis: Mmm hmm

Me: Uh, hey Parvati.
Parvati: Shannon. Hellooo.
Me: So, uh, sorry about this.
Parvati: The part about you painting me as the Mother Goddess?
Me: Uh, yeah.
Parvati: She's got a little different mojo going on than I do, hon.
Me: Yeah. I- uh- you just looked so pretty, and I thought maybe I could make it work.
Parvati: It didn't.
Me: Time to just call it a night?
Parvati: Yeah. Cut me loose, kid. I've got a date with Krishna.

Cosmos: Heeeeeeyyyyy Shannooooooooooonnn!!!!!!! WAZZUUUUP?! Just spinnin' around here in eternity's swimming pool! Keepin it real!!!!! You wanna dance?!
Me: You know it, COSMOS!!! [boogee woogee]
Cosmos: Don't stop till you get enough!
Me: Are you singing Michael Jackson?
Cosmos: Blame it on the moonlight, Baby!
Me: Woah! You spin really fast!
Cosmos: Who's BAD?!
Me: Cosmos! I'm- I'm revamping my painting!
Cosmos: Oh yeah? OH YEAH!!!!!!
Me: And I might paint over you!
Cosmos: Right ON!!! Sometimes you gotta just make like a black hole! And werk it!
Me: I think you look really good! But I don't want to offend...
Cosmos: Shit damn you're speaking the truth! I DO look good! I ALWAYS look good! Let's keep dancing!
Me: Okay!!!!
Cosmos: Oh hey I gotta tell you something! Billie Jean IS my lover!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Heavens

I got a little confused. Let me re-set the stage here...

Ah... here we are.
Sometimes, I'm disturbed. Other times I'm confused. And sometimes I'm both disturbed and confused, as the painting below illustrates. And now I'm going to bed.

"Its intensity penetrated everything and entered the earth. The earth was the heavens and the heavens the earth. And everything was alive and bursting with color, and color was God..." -J. Krishnamurti

So I went to a little prayer group yesterday, and my friend spoke in tongues. I don't cook that for dinner, but I like to eat it. She was fantastic! Top of my head felt so buzzy and I was floating along wherever. Saw the curtain part. And it's The Lady! Black Madonna so rigid and epic with a sparkling MyGod-in-Holy-Heaven kind of crown, illuminated by the dazzling sun behind her on full blast. Right on!!! I haven't been sleeping too much. I get really excited and then stare off into space. ... shit- here comes the Sun. "There's no more time!" No doubt, homes- you're tellin' me!