Monday, June 28, 2010

Angel Gabriel

This is my new one! I was going to call in The Annunciation, but we're gonna go with Angel Gabriel- why not? It's fun to imagine them singing to each other, "Won't you give me soma lovin'? Everyday!"

As humans, we open the gate.
The Hounds of Love are already trained.
These beauty beasts relentlessly crowd and cry~
Open the Gate
(Well, I feel so good, everybody's getting higher
Better take it easy, 'cause the place is on fire
Been a hard day, nothing went too good
Now I'm gonna relax, honey, everybody should)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

There was a present this morning! I was surprised to learn that the Hartford Courant published A Kiss. My Dad bought that painting! I'm playing one his favorite songs, Once in a Lifetime. When I was a kid he used to play the Talking Heads SO LOUD. Once he turned to me while we were dancing around the living room. In the middle of boogying he stopped and said, "Shani, this is me. The water underground." [resume boogying.] Hydrogeology is one of his hats.
It's pretty cool that this painting is all around today! Tomorrow of course is the Summer Solstice, celebration of the timeless Sun. The Masculine principle. The Man. Hummingbird is a symbol for timelessness. And here he is flying around on Father's Day as it rings in the Summer Solstice! Go buddy go!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm learning a few things with this painting. This one is about integrating parts that don't belong at first glance. Sometimes when a visitor sees a pieces in the middle of its painting, they make a concerned look on their face that says something like, "Ooo...uhh.. I dunno about this one." I used to get scared when I saw that look. (Know that feeling? Like: shitballs it's all over now, gulp.) But that's art- isn't that what art is? You hold one thing in this hand, and another thing in this hand, and you put it together. Integrate! And that's what the heart does, right?

I'm starting to feel like a mother about my paintings. Love 'em love 'em like they're meant to be. Like people! But I got some way to go with people. I like what Alice Walker said, "It's so clear that you have to cherish everyone. I think that's what I get from these older black women, that every soul is to be cherished, that every flower is to bloom."

This is the new Starburst piece as it comes along.

Something grand is happening today! The Salet roses are opening up to the world. Here's where they were at 7:30 am. GOooo team!

"It is a fact that of the capacities which the soul has acquired in its transition through a stage of development, nothing is lost. But when a new capacity is acquired, the one previously gained assumes a different form. It then no longer manifests itself in its own character, but as a basis for the new capacity." -Rudulph Steiner, "Cosmic Memory"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7 Year Olds and Flowers

Today I got to play Miss McCarthy the artist! Janet invited me to visit her first grade class. We made this big picture together! The mountain laurel is in bloom now, so I brought in a bough of it and we each drew a flower. The kids were so cute. Before we did any coloring they all wanted to be sure each of our penciled in flowers were connected. "Wait! Wait! Your flower needs a line to my flower!" Underneath the watercolor are little pencil lines connecting every flower to each other.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The baby sparrows yesterday and then today...
Hey! Look at you standing up, prince!
The roses are blooming downtown...

The great late second millennium command to "follow your heart"
And if you do...
*something great*
But heart is invisible
as are shining ships
on shining seas
Have ship.
Thank you.
Good ship.
Cruise ship.
Sing some songs of the sea
Watch the world turn
Wind lets a child breathe for free

I say I will not chase another port
or visit the clean infirmaries
I will not drink, I will not gamble
Even quit my job as a missionary.

Dragin' feet on the starboard side
Just to see the fish
What's your wish?
To watch the fish!

I wondered about the here and all the enough in
Then what happened?
In my bath my eyes got droopy
O it's time for my snoozy
Guess I dropped my head into the water.
Cause I awoke with a jerk and a splash!
He laughed and asked,
Know how to get here?
When stuff happens like that.
Laugh laugh laugh-
the fright is in your own friendly bath.