Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heart Trees

Weeks ago I dreamed about all friends together at home. Lots of people that make the heart go boom-boom in full flavor. I was feeling relaxed and love lucky in dreamland as some light peeked into my eyelids, giving the vague notion that I was not with everyone. So said to myself, "Yep I'll have everyone over for dinner this week." I turned over to snuggle with Steve. And minutes later as the light got brighter I realized, "Oh Man! I'm in the middle of Arizona in an RV! Wait! All my friends aren't even in one geographic location!" It made me wonder, "How do you live with that conundrum?"

Something heard my question, and later on I saw a beautiful sight! It was beautiful! I tried to draw it for you:

It was a heart, right? And this heart maintained its heartness while reaching out capillaries that were really roots. Through space and time this heart could reach far like the way the light of the stars crosses billions of vacuums and galaxies in all directions.

Sometimes I feel like the Simon Garfunkle song that goes, "I am a ROCK! I am an island!" I could hear that Song of Alone this one night. and I have always felt that it was coming out of my own heart. But I heard the song coming from far away across space! Imagine that in hearts there are different flowers blooming. Imagine that theses flowers are located all over the cosmos. Say there is a sparkling starry Gardenia behind the Morning Star, and all the gardenias on earth are like bells that ring the same tune as as the one Great Gardenia.

So this night that I was hearing the Song of Alone, I could feel how the song was being sung by the same flowers I wanted to touch and smell! I wondered, "How do you smell something so far away?" The Heart of Roots and Veins just grew! It grew so far across space! Space was like a muscle deprived of oxygen, and the Heart grew capillaries into the muscle to deliver blood and life. It was like the Heart was a Spider weaving the Net of Indra! The capillaries of the heart reached to touch the far-away heart flowers- to breathe them and smell them. As the first Heart reached out, the far-away heart flower singing the Song of Alone turned happy like a little bird singing at sunrise. As the first Heart reached out to touch, the far-away flower glowed and turned to a reaching Heart with roots as well! Together they entwined like the roots of the Redwoods, who underground weave together and anchor each other through high winds. As the heart and the now-heart flower came together, it was as if all the flowers I had wanted to smell were ringing like singing birds, and all across space the capillaries grew and united all the flowers!