Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Finch! Little red headed finch on an antler:I have to share this video of Christine Page talking about the Galactic Center. So Beautiful!

Tomorrow's my deadline to have The Story done! It's not done. And how weird- I can't seem to stress myself out about it. Normally I work myself into a tizzy and say, "Come on, McCarthy! To the wire!" I'm laying on the floor staring at my new bird thinking to myself, That is one pretty bird. Fine work right there, yes it is. [yawn] mmm... Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams. I'm going to bed. Snooze-o-rama party in my room tonight.....zzzzzz.....

Oh one more thing! I was just remembering our basketball coach from early teens- her name was Coach Hinchee. And just about every day, or maybe every other day at practice, she'd yell, "McCARTHY! For God's sake- McCARTHY! Wouldya stop runnin' around like a chicken with yer head cut off?! Jesus, girl!" I'd freeze still and tremble, "Okay, Coach, yeah, okay." But you know the trouble with that? When I was 13, I WAS a chicken with my head cut off!


Anonymous said...

I don't get how you can put a deadline on creating a liveline? Thanks for sharing the video,very very cool! That is one pretty bird and a beautiful golden worm too!

Rock On Beauty!

Anonymous said...

Salve to a broken open, finally weeping heart.
thank You

Shannon said...

Hey wait a minute- that's a good question! I'll have to let that one sprout. Thank you!


You're quite welcome!

(That just goes to show that I really am talking to myself...:D)

Anonymous said...

Mmmhmmm, Mmmhmmm, Mmmhmmm lol

Anonymous said...

Hey when my dough rises, I would love to commission a painting of Persephone! I just knew with every fiber of my being she went into the underworld on her own, that little sweetheart! What a cool painting huh? With the pomegranate juice and the little cross on her forehead and the 'dead' growing wings! How Cool!
That video meant so much... paint the sky Beauty (and down below)!

Shannon said...

Yeah! It really hit home for me too. Persephone- indeed what a sweetheart. Groovy! Sounds awesome! :)

Suzette said...

Just watched the video of Christine Page, good stuff.