Monday, June 1, 2009

Ave Maria

I put in a gold heart. See how the elk's antlers, lightening, and tree limbs look just like the blood lines in the heart? It's a little bit like the sun. Maybe the sun is liquid and the earth is all the veins that carry it. And maybe the sun is the earth's heart, and she carries that liquid heart all over her in trees and rivers and plants- in chlorophyll and water. In some places she crystallizes the sun deep inside and that's why there is gold and emeralds and sapphires. We are veins of the earth with our own heart too- what luck! Maybe when our own heart is like the sun, the light will crystallize like in the deep earth to make our eyes shine like jewels.


Anonymous said...

What a (beautiful)trip! <3~*~*~*

Anonymous said...

Our hearts must flow in liquid light AND stereo with really loud speakers! lol

Anonymous said...

Shannon this painting so helped me. I wish i could have it by my bedside. It is so meaningful and powerful in many ways. thank you for sharing this.

Shannon said...

It is my pleasure, dear. Thank you for enjoying it.

...Loud speakers? Yes!

Suzette said...

Shannon I was tinkering with some paint yesterday and realized how much patience and skill and passion must go into your paintings.
It is amazing. I could keep looking and feeling all of it. So stirs the soul.
Ever sell prints?

Shannon said...

Hi Suzette! Thank you very much!

Yeah... there is so much involved in creating. Looking at the trees and birds and bugs...that creation... it's hard to fathom the passion, the precision, the love in all that- it's so massive. I feel like creating is the process of being mystified by creation! ha ha :D

Yes I'll have some prints this fall! Thank you for asking :)