Monday, April 13, 2009

On the Radio

MILKY WAY: The recent Intergalactic Congress hosted a rare visitor from earth. We were able to obtain the transcript:

Earth person: [very solemnly] Please speak plainly with me. What’s our future on Earth?
Intergalactic Delegate: We’ve been playing it on the radio for years.
Playing? I don’t understand.

ID: [laughing] It is simple. The Rhythm is Gonna Get You!
EP: What?! The Rhythm is gonna get us?! You mean- Gloria's been right all these years?!
ID: Yes. Can't you feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger?

[Intergalactic Congress breaks into Conga]


Anonymous said...

Used to be; "Beam me up Scottie"...
turn the beat around love to hear...
"Beat us up Shannon!"
Yeah, You Rock! :D

Shannon said...

ha ha! :)
Thank you!