Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flowers Around the Sun

Flowers Around the Sun! They each fill a hue of the color wheel.
~The first completed on the left there is a cyan blue poppy, Meconopsis.
~Next a cobalt blue poppy, also Meconopsis.
~Next an Ultramarine Pansy, symbol of the Trinity, sometimes the crucifixion.
~Purple Iris, sacred to Iris, Lady of the Rainbow to the Greeks. She sends messages. She's the rainbow. The Rainbow sends messages from heaven? Hey what else does Iris mean in Greek? What? Eye of Heaven?! And it's also the name of the center of our eyes?!

~Next the Magenta Lotus. Lotus's are the grace on the water, floating above and yet with it all. They're chiseled into temples in Egypt and sometimes Horus is popping out of one. If you want to get fired up about Magenta, check out this link.

I want to talk about blue poppies. HOLY COW I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY EXIST!!! This is such a rare flower color. They've been growing in the Himalayas for who knows how long, living with amazing creatures up there in the alpine lands of the Kashmir. Just in the last five decades have they spread around to the rest of the world and come down off the mountain. I think these flowers know exactly where they want to be! And I think they're up to something! And I like it!

This Sunday Exquisite Sarah and I had a tea party! What a treat. We talked and talked and talked about her upcoming wedding. Here she is deep in wedding study. Can one do a receiving line right after the ceremony? Should it be at the reception? Umm... let's call my sister Kate.
Before Sarah arrived, Steve played tea party too!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! The Soul Star!
It's ALL so beautiful...
Shanni-Mary...you are far beyond a 'Suuuuuuper Star!
We deeply appreciate You.


Steven A Munn said...

I ditto what was said above! I love what you're creating.

Shannon said...

Thank you! I'm so glad I get to put all this crazy stuff up and that you appreciate it! Makes me feel so blessed.

Anonymous said...

Crazy!!!???? You are a holy seamstress weaving delicate sacred strands in this tapestry of life...I am grounding in the small things of Olive green this day...to lay a foundation for Magenta to reside...the 'star atop the tree within'...inner Earth and Sky...thanks to your remembrances. My friend who is an artist just walked into the kitchen and said "Wassily Kadinsky..." and on it goes...in synchronistic fashion.
Weave,sew,scent,sing,dance,paint...color our world, that which flows through you, grounds and inspires us!
And I ain't just blowin' smoke out my backside! ;)

Marguaritte said...

Now that table is so inviting, as well as the company. Circle around the Sun....

'unsin' ?!!!!

Shannon said...

Anon, thank you. I really appreciate your encouragement! Wow :)

And- you could call this all crazy and you'd be right but you call it inspiring and by that you make it inspiring. Thank you for being open to my art in that way. That's what I mean about the blessing- it's a blessing to be received with love.

On another topic, I really love this "Lemon" song by U2! I've played it a lot.

Margo you're always welcome to the tea party! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's like you singing a Gregorian 'Moment of peace', without the hooded robes and more right on, you don't leave the musical prophets by the wayside and you honor the Gypsy...
our peace rests here.

Hey, this morning two Indigo Bluebirds sat perched in the tree, never even ever seen one in this life, now how 'Crazy' is that!!!???

True blue!

Marguaritte said...

Wow, that song by the Smiths is manna...love how the painting is coming along, love the mandala format.

Shannon said...

Totally Margo, it is such awesome song! Yes the mandala! I'm being more deliberate with the geometry in this piece- being careful about balance and symmetry and sacred symbols. I'm glad it's pleasing to look at! :)

True blue bluebirds?! Sweet!