Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sounds Concert

The Crystal Journey concert tonight was amazing! Here are David and Eden with Steve and I afterward. I wished some good dreams for you- hope you had 'em!
There's more good news! Guess who decided to make a grand entrance today? Lavender! Looking good! Looking good!

Steve and I are headed to St Augustine, FL in the morning- we're celebrating a friend's marriage- and enjoying our family! See you next week. :)


Anonymous said...

Yup, that was lavender we smelled in our dreams last night! Thanks!

(funny my 'W' just got stuck lol)
Beautiful Flowery Trails to you! :)

Michael... said...

Love you all lavender. Thank you for keeping the world groovy! We are the 60's all over again - this time with perceptual tools. Blessings on the marraige. May it become "We be" instead of "I do".

Anonymous said...

In such beautifully groovy
scent-a-meants...'we be free' to fly so high with both feet on the ground...
Amen to the tunes too!