Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meeting Big Teeth

I said, "Let there be more love. I'll go look around." so I went about within myself to see what could be seen and soon there was a little worm crying out about how everything ought to stay the same inside. "Hmm..." said I. "What's all this?" And the worm writhed and gnashed about with high voice low voice. "Mmm hmm...." And up comes a very big face. She's wearing a Nepalese hat. With her big smiling mouth perhaps a truck wide she gulps the little worm and little worm seems calm and happy to be eaten (that's odd, he fell asleep). "Thank you," I said. "Is there more to do now?" "No, just stay there," she smiled.

O. She smiled. How horrifying. In an instant the feeling of being on a precipice in the sky and beneath a cracking glacier on the sea were all it was to see... the teeth that were happy to chomp. Big diamonds of stars shining on them. Razors of magnificence. "Hello Madam," but I didn't speak because I was in a cold sweat and nervous for my life. Then I said (was this stupid?)"Where are you in Africa?" "Ask me again about my Africa and I will slit your throat." She lifted a massive dagger. "Yes Madam." And then I was on a floor she made, large tiles like the mall in Washington, and it was almost like we were in a group of bells and shining confetti rainbow tassels with colored bunches shaking here and there as everything echoed in the bells. She leaned in and again I saw the face. I could dance here."This is pretty." A closed smile. Then she gathered it all back into herself, so that there was only the dark. She turned into a bluish white dove, and flew away with everything. Back in my bed again, "Oh precious dense predictable bed" and I kissed it.


Anonymous said...

I am so confused however,entertained!
Crazy girl!

Anonymous said...

It's like your little plane landing on that continent and diving into a pool teeming with little varied embryos and coming out with a couple of tape worms on your leg kinda thang, only further down the line... then waking grateful that the birds are singin'...:D

Hmm, wonder if the dove will return with an olive branch or daisy or something lol

Marguaritte said...

Just when I think I know what being naked is, I come to the golden thread and all the pieces are thrown up into the air, dazzling in their own nakedness...YES MADAME!

Anonymous said...

"Mmm hmmm..." really love this!
No Nepalese hat dancing here!
Hats off to you!!!

We lovingly await the birth of your magnificent painting!

Shannon said...

Thank You.... :)