Thursday, April 9, 2009

Run Home Little Bunny

I drove home from a party tonight on this full moon and saw a little puff ball running back and forth on the road. I drove up slowly a little further. Oh... cottontail! What are you doing here tonight? I stopped so that my lights shown on her. I didn't want to go too close, because she seemed nervous in a confused sort of way. I had a sad feeling for her.

A truck behind me revved its engine. In a big red pick-up he sped past and then Rrrrrrrrk. He put on his breaks. Cause bunny was still hopping in the road. Zig zag here and there she goes. Is it the full moon? Is there too much light? Are you all right? Should I turn off my light? Would that help? She kept hopping the road we were on so that she was about to come to the state road. Oh bunny please don't do that. Please go back into the woods- you can't cross that road, its too windy and the cars are too fast. But she did with nary a car to impede her. And then she snuggled hoppily along into the blooming bushes in a yard. Rest well, little friend, and have a good night.


Anonymous said...

Such love!

Steven A Munn said...

Go bunny go...................Hop on little friend!!!

Anonymous said...


( )_( )

Anonymous said...

"In Egyption hieroglyphics they (bunnies) are associated with the concept of 'Being'. In China, people born under the sign of the hare possess the power of the moon (feminine Goddess energy) and are considered sensitive and artistic. The rabbit is known for its fleetness, its ability to make great leaps and hops, and its ability to procreate (fertility). Perhaps this is why the ancient Hebrews considered rabbits unclean, "lascivious," just as they considered women unclean."

"Be vewy qwiet we are containing wabbits!"

How do ya like them carrots? ;)