Friday, April 16, 2010

Being in Tune is Our Job

I don't know if anyone gets as stupid as I do.
But you know, for... umm.... years.... Years! I have been trying to feel that connection with God. You know, that feeling. Trying to feel that feeling. I get desperate.

This morning I realized-
If you want to get in tune, you have to tune your instrument.
Keep the strings tight so the bow can stroke the rosin.

And play it for that matter!


Picture update! I've been sitting in the land of nowhere and it's become clear to me that my process of posting paintings as I work on them is not so smart. Sharing in-process pictures is like going downhill in a red wagon and unscrewing one of the wheels on my way down. As it rolls away and my axle scrapes on the pavement I think I could have... probably.. used that wheel.

So! There's going to be less art up here.
For a few months at least.
I don't know what's going on, but I feel happy for us all.
Nobody can stop us from rejoicing!
Not a thing or a glance or anything!
It's a funny thing that the more I be in me,
the more I feel we.
And when I am in we,
I am in awe.


Suzette said...

You are like Sunshine...salve to the soul...dear sister!I I am off to swamp to find fairies and listen to fiddles.
I'll bring back some stardust for All!

Anonymous said...

I'll fix your your little red wagon,
WeBe! Love You :D


Shannon said...

Stardust and wagons? That's a party! Let's doooo it!

Anonymous said...

Dude, wagons full of stardust, yeah! Paaaaahhhhtty! lol

Michael... said...

"Everything's gonna be alright..." Bob Marley.