Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Coventry Carol

I was staring at her up on my wall. For a long time.I said, "Sister, why the long face?"
I can't really help it, I've just been sad for a long time.
Well babe you cry whenever you want. But you don't have to.
These are the Days of Miracle and Wonder.
This is my long distance call.


Suzette said...

Paint your miracles , dance them, sing them, write them but by all means FEEL them. Fill them to their fullest... All realized, all expressed in the fullness of the Love we share.

Love IS in the Air...the precursor to miracles...
Well Good !

Anonymous said...

Oh God Shan, she is so beautiful, you have lightened her heart with your Love... roses and those slender dancing trees...redemption song...
shining in her eyes...what an awesome ethereal feeling now, yeah.


Shannon said...

Amen, Beauties! Thank you <3