Monday, April 12, 2010


I saw our lives in the dried leaves tossing all over the yard, cleared out in the sunshine and wind. I saw our lives- the daffodils rising to the sun, how do they grow so quickly?

Our friendship like the young oak alone, and in her experience learns to stretch wide, wide. So that her branches touch another oak, and her roots wrap around the others' roots, so that they become the forest of oak trees, anchored together.

There but before the Gods of Sun, Sky, and Earth.

And I saw a lonely duck, hurrying alone to fly with his flock.

A little bird with a broken leg. And for the first time in a long time the song sang, "Thank goodness for weakness. Thank heavens for hopeless. Thank all the earth for Low. Lakes collecting the glories of God. The precious treasured aquifers, purifying in darkness." The lowest pond is brilliant- reflecting the King of the Sky. Which is great? Broken bird, You are a house of windows where the stars live.

I saw the Hunter, Cat of the Sky, great White Owl. And in his beak he held a little ribbon gift, which twirled in the breeze. And finch leaned into his soft belly feathers to say thank you. A ribbon for my nest.

And all the mountains were majestic, yes, and I never knew they liked to be loved. We like stars, we like bird flowers of the sky, the elephant says, "Will you land on my shoulder?" Everything asking, won't you sing your song? Said the tallest Evergreen low and slow,

"I am
big big
I love
(they are
my dear

And when the songs were sung.
we had to see - we could see.
Where you been all this time?


Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!!!! Yay Beauty, Yay!!!!!!!
That's ALL I have to say...

Suzette said...

This post brought me back, to my best friend tree in my neighbor Frances yard. I had lots of winged friends visit there too. I used to think when I grow up I want to be a bird but ya know I am considering being a Tree! Can't I be both?
And I'd like to be a cloud that falls onto a great mountain and runs down touching all the rocks.

I think I still owe you five bucks. No, I am sure of it.
You'll have to get in line, lol
No seriously I'm good for it.

Remember in the day it was called a 'fin'?

Shannon said...

Yayyy!!! ;)

Both, Suzette, both! And ALLL
And nope! Clean slate, lovelady.