Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello. Hello, she said.
She a large soft grizzly bear with a bowl of strawberries to offer, her paws with sparkling strings wafting in the wind. "Would you like to sit?"
I was hypnotized, I had to sit.
She said I am Beauty. Would you like some berry?
I was there, I had to have some berry.
And she looked at me, turning herself into a gazelle that drank in clear water, now a heron from a floating pond of lotuses, whom she knew I suppose as she was a golden slippery fish leaping into the heavens' starry sky, shining as the flower lady with bright cheeks, splashing into the water again, asking, would you like to come back tomorrow?
It was the best I'd ever seen. I had to come back.
And in silence she comes.
She comes in silence as I sit awake.
And her armies are just on the other side of the hill.
As if she were a friend, as if there is death in the air
as if the white flag was a little joke meant to amuse her.
Beauty, she said. Beauty is my name. Last night she thrust a spear through my ribs and asked, "Did you feel that?" patting me on the head.
I stare at this red puddle in the ringing silence, cold.
"Oh! I almost forgot, darling. I baked you a cake!"

And in silence He smiles at the door, even more silent than before.


Anonymous said...

Oh...Fluffy Actuality...
Berry Beautiful.

Love and appreciate all you right,
Shannon Marie McCarthy

Anonymous said...

Yes- berry stunning writing...

Love, Margo