Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back to Blank

Had a talk tonight with my painting! Care to eavesdrop?
Me: Anubis! Hey! Hey did you see your picture I painted?! And you're doin' your scale measuring heart thing? Heart as light as a feather, right?! Pretty cool, huh? Huh?
Anubis: It totally is. Thanks, Shannon. But listen, we've got to talk.
Me: This is so cool! You are the best! It's a little weird that your head is a jackal, but it's all good!
Anubis: Yes. It is. Listen....
Me: And you were one of the mummy guys! I totally used to study mummies! GOoooo UNDERWORLD! Brain out through the nose, that's how they did it, yup!
Anubis: Yes, my dear, I know. Speaking of brains... I came to talk to you, not about the painting.
Me: I'm painting a painting about Jesus and Mary Magdalene!
Anubis: Precisely. So what am I doing there?
Me: Because you showed up! Yeah!
Anubis: I showed up to tell you to keep your own heart as light as a feather. That is all.
Me: Oooooh.
Anubis: Mmm hmm

Me: Uh, hey Parvati.
Parvati: Shannon. Hellooo.
Me: So, uh, sorry about this.
Parvati: The part about you painting me as the Mother Goddess?
Me: Uh, yeah.
Parvati: She's got a little different mojo going on than I do, hon.
Me: Yeah. I- uh- you just looked so pretty, and I thought maybe I could make it work.
Parvati: It didn't.
Me: Time to just call it a night?
Parvati: Yeah. Cut me loose, kid. I've got a date with Krishna.

Cosmos: Heeeeeeyyyyy Shannooooooooooonnn!!!!!!! WAZZUUUUP?! Just spinnin' around here in eternity's swimming pool! Keepin it real!!!!! You wanna dance?!
Me: You know it, COSMOS!!! [boogee woogee]
Cosmos: Don't stop till you get enough!
Me: Are you singing Michael Jackson?
Cosmos: Blame it on the moonlight, Baby!
Me: Woah! You spin really fast!
Cosmos: Who's BAD?!
Me: Cosmos! I'm- I'm revamping my painting!
Cosmos: Oh yeah? OH YEAH!!!!!!
Me: And I might paint over you!
Cosmos: Right ON!!! Sometimes you gotta just make like a black hole! And werk it!
Me: I think you look really good! But I don't want to offend...
Cosmos: Shit damn you're speaking the truth! I DO look good! I ALWAYS look good! Let's keep dancing!
Me: Okay!!!!
Cosmos: Oh hey I gotta tell you something! Billie Jean IS my lover!


Anonymous said...

You are too funny! I love this one!

your wonderful! said...

One of my goals for 2009 is to spend some time in the sand box with you.
How fun! I want ta play!

z said...

Wait ! I hope I'm not too late . SAVE the painting , pleese. Its got such great stuff behind it, in it. Its got so much color like you.
It okay if I'm too late at least you got photos. I loved the paionting . It worked for me!

Shannon said...

Wonderful to hear from y'all! Thank you!

Z it's okay... like my friend Angelina said last night, "Well, you could paint over her, but she'll just come back again. I think she's one of those..."

Thanks for appreciating it. :)