Friday, March 20, 2009

The Heavens

I got a little confused. Let me re-set the stage here...

Ah... here we are.
Sometimes, I'm disturbed. Other times I'm confused. And sometimes I'm both disturbed and confused, as the painting below illustrates. And now I'm going to bed.

"Its intensity penetrated everything and entered the earth. The earth was the heavens and the heavens the earth. And everything was alive and bursting with color, and color was God..." -J. Krishnamurti

So I went to a little prayer group yesterday, and my friend spoke in tongues. I don't cook that for dinner, but I like to eat it. She was fantastic! Top of my head felt so buzzy and I was floating along wherever. Saw the curtain part. And it's The Lady! Black Madonna so rigid and epic with a sparkling MyGod-in-Holy-Heaven kind of crown, illuminated by the dazzling sun behind her on full blast. Right on!!! I haven't been sleeping too much. I get really excited and then stare off into space. ... shit- here comes the Sun. "There's no more time!" No doubt, homes- you're tellin' me!


Suzette said...

Wow...Wow...You are AMAZING!
I am still smiling. The world is blessed with you.
I actually felt that picture and those words in my body... Humm which kind of a witch is she?
x o

Shannon said...

HI Suzette!
Thank you very much! Oh this is sweet that you feet it... YES! The Black Rose!!!!

(perhaps she can appreciate how it feels to say, "so... this is weird...." ;)

Anonymous said...

In relaxed wonderment we are transported...weird and wonder-full...... :)

Shannon said...

That is the perfect reminder. Thank you!

z said...

O K so now its confirmed you are a...Goddess. How else could you have possibly have know exactly what I needed in this moment? Very nice work!
Hope to touch that stuff someday.

Shannon said...

It takes one to know one, you know! ;)

Anonymous said...

The Lady The Lady...let's the hummingbird drink in 'All' that sweet sweet nectar...:)