Monday, March 30, 2009


Jesus: Mary... do you think...?
Mary: Your mother is never going to go for these walls.
J: Yeah the dried blood color shows amazing foreshadowing.
M: Oh for Christ's sake, Jesus! I have to be there too.
J: I know, I know.
M: Or do you think it's the curtains?
J: Your hair looks beautiful against the green.
M: Thank you!
J: Maybe if there were more neutrals...
M: ...and maybe a little sparrow!
J: Aww... I love sparrows.
M: Mmm... I know.
J: Let me just talk to my Dad for a sec....
J: How's that?
M: Oh I love it. Thank you. Do you like it too?
J: Of course! I love anywhere with you.

I once was a'travel in County Kildare

and spoke with a tiny sparrow flying there.
"Hello, feathered Miss! How do you worry? How do you do?"
She sang, "Nay, love, i don't! And naither shall you!"
We spoke of her wedding which was forth to come.
Will there be candles?
Will there be light?
Aye there will be, but only a trite.
But what about a blaze?! Really bright!
No I live to be gentle. Too much fire could harm.
Then we'll bring lamps! No risk to the barn!
We'll have enough. Enough is all that's meant.
And your flowers?
You'll gather flowers for the site?
We've sewn our seeds moist in the night.
And how about roses and lotuses to bloom?
Nay they take too long.
We need daisies and buttercups soon.
But the roses are finest!
And heather's blithest.
So you will take half weeds?
What does it matter, if they do the deed?

Who's the betrothed? Your biggest fan?
Everyone knows him! You can guess- you can!

Umm... I'm thinking- I am...
Isaiah whispered it. The Sun known as man...
What did he say?
Two times over he does his work.
And what was the first time?

And what before the third?

If first was the word
, remember to hear.
If first was the word
, what comes next, dear?
It has something to do...
with making the field... clear?
Aye. The candle burns with short for the wick.
Apologies sparrow... nothing you say clicks.
Then watch me and the others with wings.
What? How am I supposed to understand these things?
You ask me of my wedding?
You ask me for plans.
So I tell you of my man.
There's a place he resides at the finish and start
Where might that be?
'Tis as easy as your hand to your heart.
Simple! We do it all the time!
Ah good. One saves nine.
Little sparrow, sometimes I don't understand.
You speak around in funny verse.
That's all right, love, it's meant to confound.
Just lean in, get dressed, and stay close to the ground.

But why do you say it in sorrow?
Because the wedding
Is now!
And my guests be thinkin' the sun rise tomorrow.


Suzette said...

Reminds me of this quote,"He who binds himself to joy does the winged life destroy but he who kisses joy as it flies lives in eternity's sunrise," by Blake

As usual, wonderful story Shannon.

Shannon said...

Thank you twice, Suzette! <3

Anonymous said...

Sweet Sweet the tweet tweet of your beautiful amazing gentle heart wonder the birds love you St. Francis of Assisi your love vibe communes and the river of our heart both swirls dancing and weeps...and that I share consciously, no story telling here!

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you!

Marguaritte said...

"your mother is never going to go for this walls..."
ohmygod laughing so joyfully!

I love ya Lassie, but don ya think the wee sparrow
looks like he needs a wee bit a colour?

Shannon said...

I love you too Margo!

quite true... she's near a ghost sparrow and we can't be havin' that kind of pallor at dinner, what what!