Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Aurora and what Teddy said

Before we left for South Africa this February, I made two pieces. I forgot to show them to you! The first here was per request of Steve Ziegler of Boulder, Colorado "Something to brighten my day when I see it each morning."

Samer Jaber in NYC asked me to make a calligraphy piece for his brother, Ronnie. This is his favorite quote. Clicking on it will open it, and clicking again will enlarge it.

I heard "Mysterious Ways" on the radio yesterday. What a great song. Now I'm listening to Achtung, Baby!


CJC said...

Ask and you will receive...yep, beautiful bright, bright day brightener.

Hey, the calligraphy is beautiful, so precise, flowing perfect form and message...right on Shan.

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