Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Lambs

Ever miss your friends? I know I do. All the time! Thankfully there is presently a gift in my home. It's Aja!
Yesterday we visited Jo and Kirby's farm- it was maple syrup and lamb-visiting day. These babies were just born a few hours prior! Can you see their tiny little selves down there in the hay?
Mother wasn't too keen on our visit. But oh! I had to hold her little baby! She's a dream of softy sweetness. Tight downy curls and a tender little belly...I just heard from some old friends in St Augustine this weekend, and they requested the Waiting on my Friends painting. I'll drive her to Hartford tomorrow for some crating up and shipping off. Bon voyage, m'little birdie!
Ridiculously enough, I'm headed to New York on Wednesday. In Williamsburg near Aja's place there is a perfume gallery called "i hate perfume". Wednesday we're going to smell up the place! You can take a virtual visit if you want, here's their website. I was saying last night I'd really like to be into perfume and smells more. Aja said you're the one who lives your life, that's your choice. Now isn't that a good point!And then! Wednesday night after smelling perfume it's to a workshop with Parashakti and her teacher. I think we're going to sing? Steve and I met Parashakti in Arizona, loved her straightaway, and she said to come to this night at the Open Center in NYC. I said I would. That's what I'm doin! If you're in the neighborhood, please come too.
Otherwise around here it's sorting and cleaning. Letting go of clothes. Slips. Slips, for example. Should one keep a slip on hand? No. No, I refuse!

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Anonymous said...

Aww...Lamby-kins, so sweet!
So much good stuff!
I love 'Waiting on my friends', sweet Blue!
No slips,petticoats!
Fun! <3