Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Father to the See

For one moment, Mother and herselves drained out kindly. For to show. She ceased to glimmer, and for a moment silenced her violins, her light fiddling. And all her colors did pause. And upon this curtain that is life, pulled it back so to be empty. In chorus behind her were our Fathers singing, singing, singing. His song: a great rain given to Mother for to weave his veins (so long ago and now), Father we ask to find, there behind the Greatness worshiped, there was He: tender, having cleared many ways, having felt for all the journey. He has seen too much to be seen too much. Would he have us be with him? I have been the path that you were born upon. I made what the way is. And full through me you first come, and meet me singing our song at home again.

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Anonymous said...

God I Love this Shan, brings tears. And too, I feel Mother in her Royal Equalness wills never to play second fiddle to ignorance. I hear her blowin' her horn in trumpet blasts of righteous indignation too...lol!

Your Awesome in this River flowing,(to the see) M'Love! :)