Friday, March 26, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Howdy Doo, Doodles! I'm back home at ClearPoint. Hope you're feeling right at home too!

While we were away one of my wishes came true. A whole lot of moss grew in the backyard! It's a soft squishy carpet beneath the elm tree. Last summer I was eying up the deer's bed on the trail- the deer have this massive mattress of moss that they sleep on at night. I layed down on it once, but got a little grossed out since deer aren't that antiseptically inclined. And I wished, "O to have my own bed of moss..." and here it be! It's a great spot to hang out.

Steve and I paid our respects to the evergreens- such regal creatures. On our travels I read about pleasing trees with presents of jewelry; giving them twinkly gifts to swing from their branches. I never even thought of it before! That's what I'm going to do.

Winter was just wonderful. All my family and friends are healthy and bright! I feel well-hydrated by the Visiting and Hospitality Season. Now it's on to spring sprouts! It's project central! April is Clean*Lean*Sing Month, and Steve and I are going to be giving free weekly tele-classes on decluttering, cleansing, and beautifying. He's working on the details now in his office, so I'll post a link later. I'm making an "April Cleansing blog" with neat info bits for your perusal. I'll post that link in a few days too.

It's also literally time to get sprouting: poppies, kale, roses, parsley and stuff! All of the baby lavender plants died this winter. We had to shut down the house while away, and they suffered for it. I expected to find everything dead, but my yellow rose bush is still alive! Alive! Alive! There's 10 ancient rose seeds to sprout in an envelope in the refrigerator- oo I hope they do!

All Ways!


Anonymous said...

Yippy, yay! Oh such goody goodies,
always, all ways! Woohoo! :D

Michael... said...

Welcome home Shannon and Steve. You are so loved by so many - and especially by me!!!