Thursday, May 27, 2010

Law and Storm

Consequences require Evolution. Can we call it Law? Higher function seeks to entrain lower function. What appears as dissonance is the lower function undergoing entrainment by the higher. Love said something like, "My dear, it appears that we are in a divided Court of Law. I'd like to take you home all in one peace. May I court you please?"

Terrence McKenna said, "Unconditional positive regard. That's the example of nature."

There was a big storm that came through here at midnight into Thursday. The wind roared like mad through the evergreens and rain pounded on the roof and lightning lit up the night like it was day. I sat at the top of the stairs scared and thought of Jesus. And he became a captain on a ship. An explorer! There were waves around our vessel crashing violently. Calmly in the sea spray he pulled a map from his coat. He spread it out, and tracing a line with his finger, said nonchalantly:

These are the coordinates. You'll recognize our trajectory.

Also, the country we're sailing into doesn't operate on the currency from our last shore. Can you generate the new one yourself right now?

In the... in the middle of this storm?



Steven A Munn said...

Stay current and see or is it sea? Ride the wave... yeah!!

Shannon said...


Suzette said...

Excellent Post!
The vibrational Currency of Love, backed by the
Sacred Heart.

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

You Be Rockin' the calm see by bringing our awareness into the eye of the storm with our...
God Eye!

AWEsome and quite required indeed, been feeling them crashin' waves. Like the Sea, deeply appreciated!


Shannon said...


Thanks be, Loves! :)

Anonymous said...

'Also, the country we're sailing into doesn't operate on the currency from our last shore'---love this Shannon!
Thank you for supporting us getting our sea legs.The winds of change are howling...