Saturday, May 29, 2010

In a Tree by the Door

This morning Angelina and Steve and I went to breakfast at the farm. As we were leaving a beautiful bright bluebird flew by us! When we came home, Angelina and I talked and talked outside. And then somebody else was talking too in the tree! I kept looking into this tree, because there was a sparrow singing in here nonstop. It kinda made me wonder. What did my wandering eyes see but a nest! Wow! Angelina and I squealed and giggled and took pictures. Here they are-Three little tiny fuzzy babies...with little tiny wings...Hi baby sparrows!
Your momma has been singing all about you!


Anonymous said...

Oooooh...yeah Babies! Tweet-Tweet!

Angelina Hart Art said...

Awesome day!

Later in NY at Amanda's and Wendell's new home, a hummingbird came to visit the flowering rhododendron, which spilled over from the lawn to the porch rail in front of where we were seated.

I'll see YOU later today to deliver the mirrors. Woke up in NY this morning. Might wake up in CT tomorrow! Who knows?!