Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wayback Machine

I've been sorting through my old closet at Dad's. I said to Kate, "You know- I'm finally getting rid of everything in that closet!" She said, "Why? Cause you're 29 years old and it's about time?"



Here's some of my old pieces of artwork! It's like a timeline...

5 yrs

A portrait of Buggy with one of his old friends.

Bunny. 2nd grade, I think. It comes with a poem on the back:
I don't know
who I am
am I Marrisa
am I Katie
am I Monica
am I Kimmy
am I Shane
am I butter
milk please
tell me who
am I am I yes
your putingpop

This was one of my first pieces in high school. It's Nana and Pop-Pop's old basement bathroom.

Self-Portrait at 15 years. Pissed off?
What?! What would make you say that?

16 years- Mom and Katie from a photograph

16 years- that's a sketch from Velasquez's painting. I began to see then that making a realistic image took practice and attention.
Sometime in high school.

21 yrs. This is the only piece of art I made for myself in college. It's one of my favorites.


Anonymous said...

Wow- your sister is rude. But she might be right. Sorry :) Can I have the bathroom painting. I loved that bathroom!!

Anonymous said...

Writing poetry at 7 yrs. asking who am I...and there you have it!

I remember the "wayback machine"! I loved those cartoons.


Anonymous said...

All so awesome. I especially Love the first and last, splendid star spangled dress and beautifully colored water fall...mmm mmmmm!

Shannon said...

It's like an entree of right with a salting of rude. MMm delicious! Yes!- it was wonderland with a toilet and sink.


Agreed, Margo, they were some of the best! Bullwinkle and Rocky the Flying Squirrel- classic goodness! :)


Well thank you, Golden! twinkle wink!

Krystal said...

My Nana & Nanu have a bathroom in their basement like that too....'cept there's beautiful butterfly wallpaper rather than flowers!

Thanks for posting neat it is to see your evolution as an artist.