Monday, March 15, 2010

Handsome the Dog

On a dock on the ocean- they'll even visit you there!

The open beings at the bottom of the bucket have a loose-jointed smile. Getting especially pretty, I hypothesize, from a single act spanned across epochs. Pelican puffs up laughing, "I have swallowed one entire section of the universe!" She points to her belly, "Composed one half of twinkling cosmos, I am!" And when going by ones like that we like to stare- gosh you are pretty- what is it? There was Handsome!

Can you give me a kiss that goes to my internals?
The Eternals?

Handsome, yes. Black dog! He is. Big White Dog walks with him always quiet and smiling. A hug from him, that's a present. Quetzal floats around in fog world and says, "Meet my friend. He is midnight blue of the silver streaked quiet sky, writing unseen words shining in sunless caves. His rubies are made of sanguine nectar, clotted clean." Handsome sniffs my leg with all his freedom. A bowl of sparkling pears are a halo around his head. Don't you wonder what he ate that day?

Amber flecks on his lips. Golden pier in a old wasteland, sprouting clovers. Remembrance of someone dear. I think, "I should do something nice for you." He says, "Oh please won't you pet my head?" That makes me happy- I would have done that anyway! And then on the dock he licks all the toes, till everyone smelled of rose. A ruffle behind him and out peeks giraffes running with diamond chandelier earrings, french horns of rainbow squirrels, the driftwood we put in your hair, basil stained into our palms.

And he singing howls, "Swallow comet creeks, vaulted ceilings of galaxies... a twinkle in the wrinkle of tiiiiiiiiiiiime. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!" Beauty here be unfairly given to tomorrow (silly). Beautiful is neither a feature, nor a leader. She could be trade winds, so let loose the sails as you grow up. Would you like some tea?

The water churns below us, black molasses in heat. Wind brews cappuccino, but you could call it frothy beer if you like. A field of pineapples floated across the water. He said, "That's my Father crying happy tears of pineapple juice again."

Isn't it tempting to make a dream with rain?

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Anonymous said...

What can one say!? Delightful!
D'light full and filling ever fuller...

I'm hearing Tweet~Tweets flowing from your Gown Shan, :D