Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This Operating Systems we've got can process advanced applications on its heartdrive.

Now that we have antivirus software... I want to write new programs- with less energy demand and higher output! And I bet there's an infinite number of fun existing applications I never knew existed. Gonna delete running apps that slow processing, optimize the ones that work, and explore new ones! Who knows what's out there?!

Man, gadgets on the outside are only so advanced- internal upgrades are where it's at!


Anonymous said...

Heres to automatic response,
infinite capabilities
and eternal performance,
You cascading Heart-Techie! <3

Michael... said...

Indeed - let us not be fooled into believing that technology can take us into places only the heart can go.

Roger Ingraham said...

Wahoo! Yeah, I like it. Let's get the program of Light, Vibrations, & Energy into the system, as an much faster interface than the slow and clunky "Speak Out Loud" program. How outdated.

I've got an install disk lying around here somewhere. You can rip mine. : )

Shannon said...

Love you pals!

Yeah Rogee! Install interface- Let 'er Riiiiiip!