Saturday, January 30, 2010


We started out in Phoenix. Here's the first fountain, civilized and such.
Sunset at Apache Junction. There were little bunnies all over this place! Those are the tops of Saguaro cactuses. We learned they can be a full 30 years old when they're just 2 feet tall!
The sign said something like,
"WARNING: Flash Floods/ Death is Imminent."
But Steve drove across it anyway.
And we wound around Tortilla Flats.
Donde estan los burrittos?
There was grass from the rain!
in full effect!
Lake near Roosevelt dam. Damn dam is what I like to say.
We got into Sedona yesterday and the first order of business was water! This road to the Springs was closed to traffic because of structure damage from rain earlier in the week, so we walked down it with all our bottles in tow and filled up!
Yeah! Now that's a fountain!


Anonymous said...

Full Effect Fountain of Love!!!!!
Ride them Stunning AWEsome Switch Backs! :D

Anonymous said...

Arizona looks really cool
Love, Michael

Angelina Hart Art said...

Steve levitates in full effect! Now that's very uplifting. Thanks for sharing the journey. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh where oh where are Shanni & Steve, oh where oh where could they be... anyone Essene them? ;)

Shannon said...

Essene 'em in Arizona!! Hi Love! <3 :D

Dear Michael,
Arizona IS really cool! The other night I saw an orange light shoot across the sky! It was Hot Lava, probably. I figure Sharkedy Shark ate it, because all of a sudden it disappeared from the sky! O- tell James there are wild little pigs here that run around at night! Sometimes they try to get into people's houses! Isn't that silly?
Love, Aunt Shani

Angelina! Thank YOU for sharing the journey. So much to share, so few words to convey. :)