Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hey! Let's look at pictures of Angels!

Photo from nufo4282's photostream on
Kinuko Craft, Angel

Kadir Nelson, Angel

Abbott Handerson Thayer, Angel

'Angel Playing a Flageolet', Edward Burne-Jones

Leonardo Da Vinci, Angel Detail from Virgin on the Rocks

Paul Troger, Christ comforted by an Angel


Admiral said...

Frank Kermode, "A World without End or Beginning" essay:

“The act is not an end. Macbeth three times wishes it were: if the doing were an end, he says; if surcease cancelled success, if ‘be’ were ‘end.’ But only the angels make their choices in non-successive time, and ‘be’ and ‘end’ are only one in God. The choice is between time and eternity. There is, in life, no such third order as that Macbeth wishes for. [...]

In apocalypse, there are two orders of time and the earthly runs to a stop, ‘time shall be no more.’ In tragedy, the cry of woe does not end succession; the great crises and ends of human life do not stop time. The concords of past, present, and future towards which the soul extends itself are out of time, and belong to the duration which was invented for angels when it seemed difficult to deny that the world in which men suffer their ends is dissonant in being eternal. To close that great gap, we use fictions of complementarity. They may now be novels or philosophical poems, as they once were tragedies, and before that, angels.”

Shannon said...

Wow. Beautiful- thank you for that, Waugh.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to awaken to Angels! I bet Steve rarely complains about sweeping up all that Star dust from your wings huh? (Being a guy he probably just turns the fan on, makes better sense anyway ;))


Shannon said...

ha ha! :D