Monday, September 14, 2009

And then I was like, whatever. And she was like 'as if' and that's when it really went crazy

Dear Gentle Reader,

I know. I know what you're thinking. It's the end of the weekend, and like always the same questions creep up. Am I right? Like... did Shannon finally get a new 99 cent razor? Did the green lentils taste better with less water and more salt? Is it true that President Bush thought he was Jesus?

The answer is no! No I am still taking forever to shave my legs! (When will this madness stop? You can't exfoliate like this for the rest of your life!)

What did occur this weekend was dancing! Here we are just about to bust a move. I'm glad the club didn't have a rug, cause it would have been shredded. Like cheese, sisters and brothers. Cheese! Have fun with your own dance party! Music included. Mmwa!


Anonymous said...

Woah, talk about telepathic.
Hey I use those 99 cent razors to get the globs of paint off the floor, they work great!

Thanks Dancing Queen! :)

Shannon said...

Jeez I've got plenty of paint globs- thank you! :)