Monday, December 29, 2008

Rose Swirl Pieta

Here's the "email sketch" I sent today to my dear client. I'll be making a 5 x 3 foot horizontal painting for her. She liked The Prayer and asked for a piece along those lines.

Reference image 1: The Pieta by Michelangelo:
Reference Image 2: Art Nouveau Poppies: Reference Image 3: Leis: In the same way that "The Prayer" is tight in the woman's face- somewhat clear- that's what I'm feeling for Mary, and possibly, Jesus' face. They wouldn't be marble-looking- they'd be flesh and blood flecked with gold. Mary and Jesus would be in the middle of the canvas, and rather than painting too much of their bodies, what I see occurring is an emanation of flowers (similar to how the leis have all kind of different colors and types of flowers chained together) from their faces and hearts that go in and out of clarity- some of them would clearly be roses, say, but then still others could even be a gem or a star- hopefully that would almost be confusing as they merge in and out of realism and abstraction. There'd be other symbols in the mix as well.

* On a side note, last night I was dreaming of this image, and I saw that fellow ask Michelangelo why Mary was so young? Michelangelo's reported to have said, "Haven't you noticed that virgins don't age?" But I saw an old fellow giggling and slapping him on the back saying, "Ha! That's cause Mary ain't his Momma! a ha ha!"
I really love Michelangelo's Pieta. I think it's some of the best art we've had in the last 1000 years. And it just goes to show that the best way to hide something is out in the open like what he did here with Mary and Jesus carved the same age. The lesson I tell myself in that regard is- speak honestly, as clear as you are able. And don't fret about speaking your truth- if it's really true- not to worry- no one will believe you!

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Thank you for blowin' my mind so beautifully, inspired!