Friday, January 2, 2009

Chasing a Greased Piggie

Yesterday I was talking to my pal Roger about making movies and he said, "You know, if I could just translate everything in my mind to the film.... that's the hardest part." I agreed fully with him. I have an attitude I've been keeping- that the most challenging part about painting pictures is being accurate about how I see God. My sad song about it goes like this:
O woe is meeeeeeeee
How shall I ever paint

Folding laundry last night it came to me that it's not about accuracy- it's something entirely different- it's..... A Greased Pig Chase! In a greased pig chase, otherwise self-respecting people will grease a piggie, gather in a large field as a group, and... chase the pig. Now there's one thing you oughtta know if you plan to do this, and that is- that you can't catch a greased pig! Little pigger goes squeeling around and even if you get your hands on him he screams wee wee wee and squiggles out from your fingers. And what happens then is people start diving for the pig- missing him- landing their face in a cow paddie- and greasing up their own bellies.

Of course, the whole fun of a greased pig chase is that you can't win!

Today Steve and I go down to St Augustine, Florida to visit with Dad. I'm going to stay down there for another week and paint the "Rose Swirl Pieta" beginning Monday. I'll keep you posted!

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KK said...

Imagery be damned. . .did you have a memory fart? I am a winner of a greased pig contest (okay, technically, 2nd place, but if you remember I grabbed my piggy first)!