Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elementary, my dear Watson!

No, not Emma Watson!
The guy in the book...

Yes- more like that.

Elementary, my dear Watson!

Steve and I went for a walk in the elements today. We walked up to a little fox in the field, who was sitting in the dry grass licking his little feet. We walked towards him, his back to us, and his sweet little furriness did not mind us, he just went licking about as the sun shined on his head and he laid in the sand and the breeze moved through the oaks and the maple trees. He is so cute.

Steve said, "Trees grow tall towards the sun. They need soil and water. Do you think part of dying in life is dying to trying to be someone special? Look- they just stay right here."

On our way home he held my hand and said, "Let me show you his den," and we walked over to the shallow hole where fox lives. I was surprised! So simple! No furniture or anything! I said that before thinking- maybe he would have a little blanket in there? But no. Just enough room to curl up and go to sleep. I wanted to have him over and give him a burger or maybe a slice of pie, and pat his head while he eats. But he doesn't really need anything from me.

Which is the great thing about the elements. They have their own length of reality. I hear that when you are a magical person and a powerful person you can ask the elements to do something and they will. I sat by the river the other day and asked the water why was I born a human? And the water went by and by, and did not say anything, nor stop what it was doing, which was flowing.

So I was driving on the highway wondering about the Periodic Table of Elements.
Check out the Noble Gasses:
HELIUM hexagonal, from natural gas and air. Greek for 'Sun' (helios)
NEON is from liquid air, cubic crystal structure. Greek "New"
ARGON from air, cubic structure. Greek "Inactive"
KRYPTON from air, cubic. Greek "hidden" (kryptos)
XENON liquid air, cubic. Greek "stranger"
RADON from the decay of radium, cubic.
Radium is number 88, Symbolized by "Ra." Radium is also the heaviest alkaline earth metal! But don't touch it or get near it. Even though it glows in the dark and people thought it was curative so that companies added it to water in the early 1900's, it is actually treated by the body as calcium and gets put into the bones and then eats away at the marrow. Not helpful.

But neat! All very neat.

I was thinking about how humans have hankered for certain elements, dug the earth deep for them, and want more but there's not always more to find.

It's interesting, isn't it?
That perhaps the elements will limit us.

It's elementary, dear Watson!


CJC said...

Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the son of Man has no place to rest his head...until of course LOVE has him over gives him a piece of pie and pats his head while he eats.

You Guys so Sparkle. :)

Sabbir Ahmed said...

Very Nice Post  
Thank You