Monday, May 2, 2011

Cardinal and Friends

Here is Cardinal. This is a present for my dear nephew, 6 year-old Michael, who loves cardinals. He sent a note he wrote, "I miss you Ant Shanny. I like youyr art it is beautiful and pretty I love it."
Chestnut Hill nursery had a craft fair night so I made a little set-up there on Friday. After painting this Steve read up on bluebirds. Bluebird couples wave their wings to each other when they come home. Gosh that's cute. We had a pair in the sugar maple, but they're gone now. Apparently European sparrows (who live here too) chase away the native bluebird. I'm going to get the bluebirds some worms at the hardware store and we're putting up the house I'm decorating for them, and that might make it easier for the bluebirds to live here.
Here are my friends Cindy and Gay Marie: photographer and jewelry-maker, respectively.
Janet and Sarah came over yesterday with a tea party in hand.
Sarah said let's make smiles with orange slices...

Last week I canceled the cell phone. This afternoon my computer died! It will not turn on, nary accomplishing even the blue screen of death. Am on Steve's laptop at the moment, but not to fear, I get the hint. Peace in peace out! :)


Anonymous said...

Youyr pure joy Shanny,thanks for sharing what all ye be! :)

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