Monday, September 6, 2010


My friend Mike told me that we answer all requests in a predictable unconscious way until we consciously notice when we are being requested, and respond consciously.

Two months ago Farmer Bob said maybe maybe if he asked his wife Alla on my behalf I might receive a peacock feather from the peacock. I squirmed with excitement for the possibility. Time passed until it was this Saturday and Farmer Bob pulled me aside with Alla. They were talking to me and I felt important. Alla said O! The feathers! Come come I want to give these to you. She gathered a great bundle of peacock feathers and put them in my arms. She's protective of the feathers and loves their beauty. She said I am giving these to you! I thought to myself, this is a serious supernova of awesomeness.

All the feathers were really long. Before I went out the door she said, "O! I have this beautiful small one to give to you too." It was my favorite. It was dense and sparkly and I said to myself- I can decorate the house with all these flowers, but this small one is just for me.

I had taken friends visiting for the weekend to the farm with me. As we returned home with tomatoes and feathers in our arms, one friend asked, "O can I have the small feather?" I said, "Of course," with a knot in my throat and handed it to her. Alone tonight I thought of the beautiful little feather and felt sick to my stomach and cried.


Anonymous said...

ONE miracle all around, ask and you shall receive. What a plentiful bounty of inspiration Shan, what a cool farm! <3

Suzette said...

Dearest Shan,
You know you can always borrow it back.
Then you can return it when you have recieved the teaching and the peace of it. What a profound moment when we allow our voice to relay the truth of what we feel.
I think of you often. I do appreciate you beautiful spirit.

Suzette said...

i before e except after c Hhhhhh!

I never did much care for rules I like to make my own.

Recieved has eve in it and i really like her.

Angelina M. Hart said...

After giving away the red-tailed hawk tail feather to the Medicine Man on the Res. in So. Dakota -- I can really appreciate what you're saying. Yes, indeed. <3 <3 <3 <3

Even in waking moments when nothing is being asked: sometimes the desire to gives results in giving away pieces of me - perhaps more than I should.

Didn't give away the power of the hawks: that's integral. But did give away tangible evidence thereof.

Saw the feathers this evening over the door and was completely blown away in amazement. I'll say it again: <3 <3 <3 <3