Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weave the Web

Halo Kitty Cats!

I had a friend that would greet my sister and I with that each time she saw us. "Kitty Cats! How you doing?" some kind of fake Dutch accent.

First things First:

The One Night Show
is Saturday, November 13th at 7pm.

If you can be here please be here. Tickets will be available in September.

A few weeks ago I started a two week green juice cleanse for cleanliness, beauty and discipline. And at the same time I was also bit by a small tick, which infected my blood with a bacteria. The nature of the bacteria is that it first lives in the blood and then bores into the bone and later the brain and heart. So you have to kill it early and with aggressiveness. Maybe it's fair to say that I've been re-purifying my blood. And all's well of course. It's interesting how some microorganisms are compatible with human life; they can be parasitic but they're parasitic in a way that's not too demanding on the host. Some parasites, though, actively disintegrate the host.

Yesterday was such a day that I poured myself a glass of wine before the sun set, and rocked back and forth in my chair. I've seen people use wine to comfort themselves so I gave it a try. Early into my attempt Steve knocked on the door and said, "Did you forget the farm share?" I did! So I went over to the farm and as soon as I walked on the earth farmers Caroline and Ronda said, "Shannon come here, come here, you have to learn about the hookworm. It's disgusting but you have to see this." On the first towering tomato plant in a luscious row, on an eye-level leaf was a large plump green caterpillar. This caterpillar was covered in innumerable small elliptical white bumps or eggs that sprung from its back, like a thick-quilled porcupine. Caroline said that each of these white things was a pupa from a wasp that had deposited the larva underneath the skin of the caterpillar. "These pupa are eating the caterpillar as it eats the tomato plant, and eventually they are going to suck this plump caterpillar dry and hatch into wasps." I felt a gag coming on. She showed me a black shriveled caterpillar remain with some of the pupa still growing on it. "It seems the larva are deposited beneath the skin and eat their way out."

I am more than awed at the power of what can get under our skin. Isn't a joke!

Last night I felt a wild fountain come rising up within me. It was a ruthless devotion to breathing and living. To self-determination. There were knights in white satin (there are!) galloping wildly through the woods, mud flying, swords ready. And there was an elephant, she and I touched head to head. Her massive imposing presence, her nose soft and sweet. This human world is full of junk, full of infestations. We kill and hunt every day. Otherwise look- we end up a caterpillar sucked dry before the transformation occurs. Guard your life! Kill what needs to be killed beneath the skin. There is so much that can die. We are powerful hunters affecting our ecology. A grown man has a backbone. We can't be real men if we don't determine ourselves, if we don't know when to strike. And I think we have to be grown men before we can be grown women.

Can we get dizzy from our oxygen and fall down from the intensity, and then rise up again from the intensity. Who can hunt without disdain, who can pursue with honor? The exceptional liver of life is one who is not eager to die, but one who is eager to breathe. Everday the sun shines and it bursts and burns into itself. The sun dies too. But really, are you gonna buy that crap? The spring rises from the earth and bubbles into the sphere. The air comes down and touches the sphere. I saw us a pyramid, the apex. The narrow eye of the needle in the middle of the hour glass. The place where each grain passes through. The powers funnel down in 3-D to the top of the pyramid. The powers rush up from below and swirl inside to the top of the pyramid. And we meet. In equanimity. In complete terror. Terror and wonder untie. Horror and Beauty kiss. Virtue and Squalor weave a thread. The Fresh and the Putrid exchange wafts of floating air. Matter and Anti-matter explode into starry fire. A power rips vicious ravines across the landscape of land and sky, cracking open the infinitely dark expanse. The rain pours down from the sky. The water breaks forth from the rock, miraculous. Dinosaur changes to bird, clothed in the golden fleece. Eternal cloth. Fleshly dress crumbles. Fleshly dress is the eternal. The spot on the back of spider lives forever. Weave your web, catch your prey. Weave your web, let it all pass through. Weave your web, decorate the world. Weave your web, sparkle in the morning dew. Weave your web, billow in the breeze. Weave your web, let your progeny hang from a thread and mature upon it. Weave your we. Weave your we. Weave your web. Weave your web. Weave your web.


Suzette said...

Truly amazing you are!
Wonderfully frightful or frightfully wonderful post.
Yes, we weave the web again and again.
Tis what we do.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Bullseye!
Preach it Sistah...
Thank you for the
In-Lightening Bolt
of Inspiration...
I feel Slain in the Spirit.
No more...
'As The Pendulum Swings'

'lancely' lol

Shannon said...

Hey Suzette!
We had our Raw Foods gathering this weekend! I missed you~ especially when eating the heavenly dessert. Remembered me to our day. I like your new digs! Keepin on weavin... xxoo

Hey Chrysanthie right on! I'm feeling that too. The swinging sensation doesn't compare to the two rooted feet! :)