Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fair Weather

I did m'first outdoor fair! My friend Craig the photographer invited me and we sat in the shade shooting the breeze most of the time.
Craig took this picture of a woman hard at work. Since the curtains are billowing I think this means he literally shot the breeze.
Here's the new project! I'm painting this on the kitchen wall above the sink. The image is yellowy because I just thought to take a picture of it tonight, though the wall is actually white. This design is an illustration by John Marro for a new vegan restaurant in San Francisco called Gracias Madre. These people are so cool! And I just love John's picture! He made something really pretty of the Lady here and I'm much obliged to have her company.

Am beginning to know that the greatest gifts in our lives are so big that they are difficult to perceive. I've been unclear about the meaning of the word "humble" for a long time. Today I feel that one aspect of it is thankfulness. Just thankful to have a body, thankful to be able to breathe. Thankful to live in a place with water and food and peace. All the help from our friends! It's a pleasure to cogitate on the prayers that come with existence and the ones that have been tucked into this life. People that held us as babies wished so many beautiful things for us. All kinds of beings who love us hold a secret dream for us, and that's a whole lot of goodwill floating around.

a tree for prosperity
a stone for posterity
music for the one second heaven
flowers for the new day's birth


Suzette said...

Even in the dark of night your beauty can be seen, your voice is heard.

Golden Blossom said...

Shootin' the breeze has never been sweeter, we Love you!

Thank You,Thank You Lord,Thank You.

Nancy Loeffler said...

"the greatest gifts in our lives are so big that they are difficult to perceive."

thank you for that one Shannon, I feel it too.


Shannon said...

I'm so delighted to hear from you Beauties! Hugs and thank you's... :)