Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look to the Rose

Look to the rose that blows about us-
"Lo, laughing," she says, "Into the world I blow:
At once the silken tassel of my purse

Tear, and its Treasure on the Garden throw."

(11th century)

My friend said- Maybe you're not what you thought you were.
I asked.
And I was waiting for a profound thing.
I like to roll the profound quilt around myself and take a snooze.
Ate a muffin and fell asleep on the bathroom floor
underneath the skylight
and waking up, felt the sun shining like a warm friend
Like a beauty that didn't mind a thing
not a thing at all.


Golden Blossom said...

Sweeeeeet Petals of Peace...
Bloomin' Portal, A Rose.
Your Garden Is AWEsome Shannon.
Thanks For Sharing. <3

Anonymous said...

The first song makes your favorite niece BOOGIE:)

Shannon said...

Aww speaking of awesome!

Dance Sweet Girl, dance! xxoo

Anonymous said...

...shake it up Baby now, shake it up Baby!