Sunday, May 2, 2010

Selling the Art

Cult of Personality.

In the Arts. The cult of celebrity. The celebrity gig is gilded, yet we all have to write out our qualifications to prove our value for the great wondrous market, whatever that is. To have some kind of oomph behind our name so people will want to buy our stuff. So people will buy us. "In a comparative analysis, it was proven that you are the best, hence most deserving of food/water/love/housing/electricity/and transportation costs." I'm not a commodity but I play one on the internet! It's getting weird.

And what's real? Holding hands, that feels. Singing a song, that feels. Sharing a gift is exhausting if everyone isn't each sharing a gift. We have to share more so we don't all get tired. Maybe, dear heart, instead of putting love out there and hearing the walloping empty clang of indifference, we should just encourage the sharing of gifts one person at a time. Let's do this together. Your you is completely unique- you must speak. You must paint, we must invent, build, tear down, dream, love, film, sing, laugh, kiss, nap, wink, snuggle, breathe- for us, yeah, for us all.


[By the way, while we were eating lunch our garden was bought out and now we have to pay to pick the tomatoes we planted. And apparently we still have to do the weeding.]


Suzette said...

Shannon I love your paintings. They feel like powerful portals. Wouldn't it be great if we could clone you and let one of yous go with each panting? Then the world would be full of your sweetness (we won't mention the other side- humor!) Anyway until then, we will have to appreciate your vibration which is felt when viewing those portal paintings... Absolutely love it!

Suzette said...

Hhhh.. correction 'paintings' not 'panting'
although I am sure there is plenty of that...

Anonymous said...


"Methinks we invest in Hearts"
~A Very Wise Prophetress

Right On, Right In! <3

Shannon said...

Panting, mainly. Ha! :)

*Hugs all around*

Admiral said...

As you know, I have always thought that markets should be free -- above all else -- free! But if there was ever a market that didn't deign to place high value on your works, well, that's no market at all to me. ;)