Thursday, May 20, 2010


As the sun was coming above the trees,
two wingy things were chit chatting.Time and Space are like a Chinese lantern,
"Time and space are a stubbornly present illusion."
At first it is all compressed together.
Remove the bind,
and it releases into one world
Full of Air
and you can put a light in there!
We were underground,
and she was made of granite, old bones, and cobwebs.
With her two rock hands there she plied open her big sternum.
All the rock and bones cracked. skin dust.
and out flowed molten gold like hot honey from a rock
it trickled and flowed down.
A little bird came and drank it as nectar
and then this little bird sneezed
and a green vine grew up to a tiny light.
"Before the gods that made the gods had seen their sunrise pass, the white horse on the white horse vail was cut out of the grass."

Don't rush. The sun orbits, doesn't it?
This place turns.
And you cannot push it.
It has already been set in motion.

Inside the Eye is a galaxy


Angelina Hart Art said...

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Anonymous said...

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