Monday, March 1, 2010

Black Diamonds and Pearls

Remember that old sunshine?

To eat crisp apples underneath the trees- together! Every drop of juice well-educated. The intelligence of it all: the red earth, the green earth. Turning the corner of that familiar place, memories spring up like water. All the time that has passed. Wait, has it? The feeling of being woken up by the songs of the singing birds- could this be a new song? Please keep singing.

I want us to talk about so many things! But how do we speak, really?

If I could twirl that little string of gold around my finger and ask it to move like living dancing mercury the way it loves to- making winging monkeys with stars on their heads and bejeweled frogs that lick flowers- I would like to do that with you. I would, I would.


Anonymous said...

When Hearts are bursting in radiant rainbow colors,
you know your rockin' our world!

Woohoo You Rock!!!!!!

Michael... said...

Yay, the Shani is back! Love the pic. They say "the world is your oyster - you can either eat it, or leave it alone to make pearls for you, and then eat it." ;)

Anonymous said...

I know!!- been missing our rainbow goddess too. YOU who tosses rubies, lavender, rich dark chocolate & pearls, and freely pulls down a branch of heaven to swing on.

Is your liver all happy now and ready to do it's wondrous work behind the scenes?

Love you Lavender Princess.

Your dolphin friend, Margo

Shannon said...

HIiiii Pals! :D

Warms my heart to hear from you!

Hey Chrysanthie! Thank you and a pleasure to be boot skootin' it with you, Sunshiney *~

Yay thank you Michael! "Munch munch munch! Skip brunch and enjoy a pearl with yer bivalve lunch." :D

Hehe! Yes Margo it'd be doing backflips if it weren't attached! Splash jump splashin' along in your pearly waters~ Love you too Margo.