Sunday, January 3, 2010

Secret Language of Elephants

Would you like a treat?

How about.....

(Click on the elephant to read the story and watch video)
I love this program.

It warms my heart that the Elephants' Language is receiving attention. I've heard it said that whales are our oceanic wireless
internet. They receive newly transmitted information from the heavens then sing the current vibration through the seas in intricate patterns all over the earth. Elephants are the land counterparts of the whales. Their big drum feet sense frequencies and their infrasonic calls sing to their friends near and far. And those trunks! And those ears! All the amazing ways they can hear. Aren't they wonderful?


Anonymous said...

What an Awesome treat to meet the Penelope Family, Love them. :)

Suzette said...

Thanks Shannon, It's the first T V i have seen in a while and it was very exciting. I like this infra-sonic communication................ Did you hear what I said in the space? Yup, " I really appreciate you!"

I was glad the guy on Lipator ( after his heart attack) can now enjoy shopping with his wife.
Someone should turn him on to The Presence Process book,...then he could loose the Lipator.
And have more Heart for his Honey...

Anonymous said...

Too funny Suzette!
So right on.
Too, too funny,
or so not really!
"Have more Heart for his Honey!" That's awesome! :D


(infrasonic Elephant Laughter)

Shannon said...

Oo yeah! I feel it in my toes!~~~*

Michael... said...

I recommend "Elephantoms: Tracking the Elephant" by Lyall Watson. It will rock your world!

Shannon said...

Awesome. Thanks Michael!