Friday, January 15, 2010

Ocean Dress

Shelter. The quiet repetition

Can you feel the sinews crack like an oak that has no water? Branches come down when there is no life to uphold them. Down go the trees. Is it not so bad? Is it a deal with God?

The everlasting chaos growls in the afternoon, but as the sun sets, the ocean gentles into a slippery satin gown curving over the sands in thick fluid folds. Flirting. Crowning herself in so many burning jewels. They shine on your dress, Your Royal Equalness. Pride and Lust so bright they're divine make emeralds blaze off the water. If we jumped in it would be like she'd never been there at all. Unless we gave up. Then she would hold us forever and swallow us too, laid to at her feet.

Or would it stay real? Would he whisper indigo velvet in the deep night- something sweet to make it complete? To make the dream breathe? Scents of vetiver chypre soothing through the ear...

one pine in the field, smiling at you.


Anonymous said...

Writing so rich and fine,
ocean dressed...
in the Holy Land of Water.
Mmh yes, stepping out, off the page...
your Royal Equalness...into the sensual world...

Blow our minds, Shan, yeah. <3

Anonymous said...

WOW...thank you for writing.
Shannon 3D writing!
Love you.