Friday, January 8, 2010

How about Valentine's Day?

My friend Pat- that's Pat on the right
She's been asking a question I want to share. "How can we make Valentine's Day a day for the heart- really? In what ways can we create a day that's about being good to each other and being in our hearts? And how can we give to children especially?"

Ann responded- here's Ann:

"You know, my husband always says that holidays are made by the card companies to generate profits. But I feel that some days ought to be commemorated. And I don't have to buy anything to share love with the people in my life."

So how can we make Valentine's Day deeper, wider and sweeter? Especially keeping children close in heart?


Anonymous said...

What an awesome question to ponder in our heart!? Ya know what? It came to me yesterday that Feb. 14th of this year, is the Chinese New Year, year of the Tiger!

Isn't that Grrrrreat!? <3

Shannon said...

Oh wow! That IS Grrreeaaat!!!

Anonymous said...

PS That's a kick-ass picture, how fun!

Suzette said...

Bid them,..
Feel the Heart with the hand,
Hear it with the ear,
Speak of it with thy voice
and the rest will all be clear.

Shannon said...

Preach them poems, Suzette! Amen